Art shows in California

Calling all Californians! (What I wouldn’t give to be laying on a beach in Cali right now….)

UncommonGoods artists Mindy and Grant Searcey have two art shows coming up in your neck of the woods. One is the Hermosa Beach Art Walk June 12-13 where Grant will be showcasing some of his paintings – very cool stuff! In addition to Grant’s work, there will be 100 other local artists plus food and drinks…aaah I love summer festivals:)

grant searcey

The Searceys will also be showcasing their jewelry, which is what we sell at UncommonGoods, at the Contemporary Crafts Market June 11-13 (Booth 415) in Santa Monica. Their jewelry always has a really cool spiritual or mythical element to it: Native American, the Chinese Zodiac, ancient Ayurvedic Indian practices.  It’s very unique and not overly precious, which makes it great for everyday wear.

Written by Missy

Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, Missy wrote her first book “The Forgetful Easter Bunny” at age 6. Before attending college at the University of Missouri, she enjoyed a full career of writing and passing notes to friends during class as well as writing for school yearbooks and newspapers. She moved to New York in 2007, and has been at UncommonGoods ever since. Missy likes playing outside, watching thunderstorms, eating dessert first, dancing at weddings and giving people hugs.

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