Becoming a Domestic Diva


There is nothing Molly Homemaker or Betty Crocker about me. And before, I never cared. However, as I get a little older I realize that I probably should know how to at least sew on a button or make a decent meal. So as a summer project, I’m taking small steps to turn into a domestic diva.

This week my mission is: clothes.I have a ton of them, but I can’t iron, fold or organize them properly. As I scoured Google for the best tips, I came across a jackpot and just had to share it! TLC has the BEST advice for all the tedious but must-do chores in life. Check them out for yourself at TLC’s Cleaning and Organizing Center. And tell me, how the in world do you fold a bedsheet by yourself?! Do you have any helpful household tips? Please share them with me below.

Written by Joanna

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