Buyer’s Dilemma

Right now we’re making our final picks for the catalog we’ll send to you in January. Remember the sari scarf? We carry these beautiful handmade scarves in turquoise and cinnamon.

Our buyer Erin is in the middle of deciding what new colors to bring in. She just sent me this email:

“Saris are by nature brightly colored and full of prints, so I’ve got a lot of color options to choose from. Since the patchwork look is such a big trend right now, it made sense to make a scarf of different contrasting colors that also complement each other. I’ve got the photographs of the sari scarf samples and they all look so fantastic, I need help deciding which scarf to feature in our catalog.”

Blue and Purple

Red and Cream

Orange, Green and Yellow

Purple and Pink

Well I’m turning it over to you. Help Erin decide, by leaving a comment for your favorite color combo. Thanks for your help!

Written by julia

Julia is the Community Outreach Manager.


  1. Judy

    Red & cream are beautiful! Plus, they’re very close to my new employer/university colors…must be meant to be! :-)

  2. April

    For a January catalog, I think I would choose the blue and purple one…cool colors for winter. Although, I personally prefer the orange, green and yellow scarf :)

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  4. DONNA wiberg

    I would like to send samples to uncommon goods. Our company is 42 years old. We publish spiritual items as well as educational games and playing cards. To whom should I direct a catalogue and samples.

    Love your catalogue.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Donna Wiberg,
    VP Marketing and Sales
    U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
    Stamford, CT 06902
    1-800-544-2637 Extension 305

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