Compost Cab — Cruisin’ for Scraps

For all you city-dwellers who love to compost but hate for your space to smell like a cross between a locker room and a dumpster, Compost Cab is for you!


Compost Cab provides a standardized bin equipped with a sturdy, compostable bag liner and then once a week, the little recycle-cab-that-could will come and pick up your smelly scraps. Plus, for every 50 lbs. of organics you put in, you get an lb. of fresh and fertile compost back. All for a measly $8 a week! Now that’s a fare that I can live with.

Wanna see where the cab is gonna stop (it’s currently only in the DC area)? Check out the Compost Cab website for complete details!

P.S. Don’t forget that tomorrow, May 26, is the last day to submit your genius idea for the world’s coolest composter in the Quirky/UncommonGoods Compostapalooza challenge! Go to Quirky and share your idea today!

Written by Joanna


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