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Congrats to Amy S. who loves Jack Russel Terriers and shared this sweet story: “Jack Russels are the best. Mine Sargent Pepper, usually called Sargent, Stinky or Bubba, is the greatest dog in thee world. When Sargent met my fiance a little over 3 years ago, it did not go well. Sargent was my protector. And Adam was very allergic. It was a tough start, but I wasn’t going to give u. Then a year later, Adam was in a horrible car accident and Sargent would not leave his side. I cant’ separate these two now for anything. The bedroom used to be a ‘dog free zone’ but now Sargent sneaks in to share his pillow.”

Amy is now the proud owner of a Jack Russel Dog Blueprint!


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We’ve loved all the emails you’ve sent us about your favorite dogs this week. We’re working to add many more breeds to our dog blueprint collection.  And in the meanwhile we want to say thanks with a Friday giveaway!

Leave a comment below, telling us about your favorite breed of dog, to win a free Dog Blueprint.

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Be sure to leave your comment by Saturday at midnight ET.  And we’ll pick a random winner to announce early next week.

Happy Friday!

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Written by julia

Julia is the Community Outreach Manager.


  1. Stacy Kearney

    Basset Hounds are my favorite. Our boy, Angus is the sweetest dog we know. And sometimes, if we’re lucky, he sings for us.

  2. Krissy

    Maltese! I lost mine last year and she was the best little sister a girl could have. She thought she was a big dog in that little body, and she was always there to make me happy.

  3. Heather

    My favorite breed would have to be mutt. My baby girl is a mutt, a rescued mutt at that, and she is the SWEETEST pup on the planet. She’s got some cocker spaniel in her, and maybe poodle or shitzu, but she’s all heart.

  4. HeidiAphrodite

    My dad brought home a malamute puppy from work when I was only 3. I remember playing on the lawn, waiting for him to come home, and being so excited when I noticed he was holding a big furry puppy! She’d been found by some of his students and put just inside the door to his office because some other students were throwing rocks at her. My parents tried to find the owner but no one came forward and we got to keep her. I named her Sammy, but she was my dad’s baby. She lived for 11 years before her kidneys failed. Sammy was the sweetest dog–so patient with children, rarely barking, and always happy to see us and give us kisses. Every time I see a malamute, I smile. I can’t wait until I have a house with a yard so I can get one of those big awkward puppies again!

  5. Summer

    American Bulldog. They are the sweetest looking dogs. When they stare up at you, your heart just melts. :)

  6. Iris

    I’m a huge lover of dogs – so much so, that I’ll probably turn into a dog lady.
    Pit bulls are the best dogs!
    Don’t hate ;)

  7. Gabrielle

    Love pugs – ours was great with our baby and other kids, lovable, snuggly, and such a snorer! I got him after working some Therapy pugs. Also love mutts. I’ve had two German Shepherd mixes. Our current one is mixed with Rhodesian Ridgeback and she’s amazing – smart, eager to please, wonderful with kids, obedient, voice-trained, etc. I think my husband wants to only have Ridgies or Ridgie-mixes after this.

  8. H_Ram

    If I’m answering for my whole family, I have to say German Shepherd – our last 2 dogs have been Shepherds. They’re very smart and very…quirky.

    For myself, I love HUGE dogs–Great Pyrenees and Newfoundlands–and have always had a thing for Golden Retrievers.

  9. Melissa

    Gotta love the shih tzu for a great overall pet, don’t shed, super sweet, funny and full of personality. Just cut that “traditional” hair do down to a puppy cut, love’ em. Actually love all dogs…DOGS RULE, CATS DROOLE :-)

  10. Ellen

    I have to say Golden Retriever. My little (85lb) boy is sweet, lovable, stubborn and an attention whore. LOL He keeps us laughing.

  11. Heather Engelken

    Dachshund’s are, by far, my favorite! My family has one and he is such a character. A little clown, a best friend, and a protector of the yard all in one!

  12. christopher

    The Boston Terrier! I have 2 and my girls are the sweetest funniest creatures ever, no matter how bad of a day i have had, they always cheer me up. but one of them is a little food thief, and i think i know which one :) God Loves a Terrier.

  13. kim

    @moonbaby1619 on twitter. i have to say newfoundlands b/c i’m getting on in the spring! so excited!

  14. Megan

    BOXER….they are the most caring dogs. They are lovable, loyal, obedient, protective, adorable and and all around great addition to any family. Ours was the perfect addition 3 years ago when we rescued her <3

  15. mary white

    Dooley–our Labradoodle born on St Patty’s Day (3/17) is lots of fun and very loyal and UNCOMMONLY GOOD! He’s very playful and a bit crazy but knows just how gentle and attentive he must be around Nana, 87yrs, who lives with us too!!! Many Dogs~~~~~~Many Great Memories~~~~~~But Dooley Takes the Cake!!

  16. Jennifer

    Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Large, protective and lovable. I’m safe with this dog when hiking alone. Love them!

  17. Allison

    We loooove our golden, Bob Dylan Myron, otherwise known as Bobo the Bob dog, or just BOB. Equally lovable is his miniature schnauzer counterpart, Marley :)

  18. Karin

    I am going to have to say Chihuahua. Love ours… he’s the sweetest pup ever!
    @jesterpester on twitter!

  19. Sara

    Labrador Retreiver! We have 2! Tuco is an adorable Chocolate Lab and we just got Tequila a Chocolate Lab Puppy.

  20. sarah

    I have a love for red bone coonhounds leftover from reading Where the Red Fern Grows in 6th grade, but really I love almost any dog – rhodesian ridgebacks, german shepards, welsh springer spaniels, basenji…the primitive breeds like shibu inus or karelian bear dogs are appealing, too…
    (twitter name: solmstea)

  21. Laurie

    We currently have 4 dogs (I know – crazy) love them all to pieces. They are all rescue dogs. But there is something special about our mini dachshund, peanut. He is a Fraction of the size of our other dogs, but he runs the house.

  22. Kym Burgess

    When it comes to dogs, I say the bigger the better! My favorite breed is the Saint Bernard. We have had several in our family and they’ve all been wonderful dogs. I currently have a 150# female named Sophy that we rescued 5 years ago when she was 7 months old. She is loyal and lovable and a true gentle giant. My granddaughters love to lay on her or use her for a table to set all their little toys on. She is especially gentle and tolerant with special needs children. Sophy is a real Saint in every sense of the word.

  23. Jessica Blackledge

    I like Chows best. They are highly intelligent, extremely devoted and when raised properly make the best family dogs and companions.

  24. Amy Mertz

    I couldn’t imagine life without my Golden Retriever. Even in his worst of moments i look into those eyes and know that he oozes nothing but pure love for me. He is more than just a best friend, he is my child, my snuggle partner, my motivation, and my reason to be a better person.

  25. jennifer burleson

    My favorite are Jack Russell Terriers!! They are so full of energy and so funny to watch!! Very very loyal yet friendly and forgiving. When I rescued my Charlie, he had been abused and it showed-he walked with a limp and had a huge gash across his forehead. When I saw him at the shelter where I was a volunteer, I knew that he had to come home with me. I already had 2 cats and had not planned on adding a dog to our little family, but this little boys brown eyes said ‘take me please’ So I did!! 1 year and 3 months later it was the best decision I have ever made!! He is my constant companion!! He has already completed his CGC test and is going to start classes in October to become a therapy dog!! I teach pre-school and he has become our adopted mascot!! Everyone who meets this dog LOVES him and he feels the same way about people. His limp and gashes are long gone but those sweet brown eyes still look at me filled with love every day!!!!

  26. Amy S

    Jack Russels are the best. Mine Sargent Pepper, usually called Sargent, Stinky, or Bubba. Is the greatest dog in the world. When Sargent met my fiancé a little over 3 years ago, it did not go well. Sargent was my protector. And Adam was very allergic. It was a tough start, but I wasn’t going to give up. Then a year later Adam was in a horrible car accident and Sargent would not leave his side. I can’t separate these two now for anything. The bedroom used to be the ‘dog free zone’ but now Sargent sneaks in to share his pillow.

  27. twan

    my favorite favorite are mutts but as far as a purebred goes definitely a Newfoundland. i love my little brother. he’s huge and clumsy and goofy and the most gentle dog i’ve ever encountered.

  28. Ann P

    Big shelter or rescue dogs…we’ve got 3 currently: 2 labs and 1 weimeraner…we’ve also had great danes, but any dog you adopt from a shelter is a favorite.

  29. Jessica

    I love our mutt, Zeeke, but my favorite official breed is the Golden. We adopted one, Dusty, at age 13, complete with a flakey scalp and a huge tumor on his rear end. When we moved into our tri-level home about a year later, we had to carry him (not a small dog) to each level of the house because he was too sad when he wasn’t right beside us. Before he died, he was in the best shape he had been in since we owned him, and finally went up the stairs a week prior. He had such personality:)

  30. Mary-Frances C.

    My favorite dog breed is an American Eskimo. They are so fluffy and soft, and have a super cute face.
    mommieseatsoggycereal at gmail dot com

  31. Watson

    Why the BICHON FRISE of course! These little white cottonballs were put on this earth to make people smile….I have 2 – one from the Vegas Pound (MR. Bichon) and a crazy Layla Jane!
    Sweet but sturdy and always smiling!

  32. Holly Robertson

    I much prefer mutts. My dog was part Great Pyrenees, collie, and lab.
    I’m a little biased.

  33. Dave

    I like the Shih Tzu, because they resemble an Ewok. LOL Both my sister and mother have one, and they are very loyal, lovable and playful pooches.

  34. Jellie Stanton

    My favorite bread is GREYHOUND. My rescued brindle boy Buddie is such a wonderful companion and he just loves everyone. The Dog Blueprint is such an amazing idea!

  35. Shalane Hampp

    My Siberian Huskies, Taisie and Mya keep me company when my husband is deployed :)

    The Husky is a beauty, Magnificent and smart.
    It wasn’t long before I knew That dog had won my heart. Powerful yet graceful,With eyes that pierce your soul-A gentle wolf-like spirit, And a heart of purest gold. Affectionate and loving, Devoted to the end-I can’t imagine life without
    My Husky-my best friend.

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