Friday Giveaway: Hand-Forged Kitchen Tools

ETA 10:26 AM, Sept. 13: Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Congratulations to Jennifer, our latest Friday giveaway winner. Her favorite pizza topping is the garlic dipping sauce– which is a great answer for almost every slice.

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This week’s giveaway comes with a really awesome story.

After 20 years of working in a high-production industry, Al Stephens decided to become a blacksmith. He visited Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site in Illinois, and soon became a volunteer in the 19th century blacksmith shop where they had bellows, a coal forge, anvil, and vise. For the next few years, Al developed his skills by working with other blacksmiths who taught him the trade.

And by 2000, he and his wife Sylvia had started their own blacksmith shop. Today Al makes items like the pizza cutter and cheese slicer by hand, in his shop in rural northern Alabama.

Impressed? We certainly are!

This week we’re giving away two hand-forged kitchen tools available on our site– a cheese slicer and a pizza cutter– to one lucky reader.

Want to win? You know what to do! Leave a comment below telling us about your favorite pizza topping or type of cheese. Then leave a comment on our Facebook wall, and tweet @uncommongoods on Twitter to triple your chances.  We’ll announce the random winner on Monday.

Want to learn more about the art of forging metal? Al Stephens suggests you go out there and try it! The Artist Blacksmith’s Association of North America has local affiliates all over the country. Find a group near you and attend the regular meetings. Al says, “One-on-one teaching is an excellent way to learn, hands-on style.”

And it certainly paid off for him!  Happy Friday, everybody!

Written by julia

Julia is the Community Outreach Manager.


  1. crystal brocious

    my favortie topping si bbq chicken pineapple and red onions

    Cbrocious1984 AT gmail DOT com


  2. Michelle

    My favorite pizza is Imo’s pizza… St. Louis style made with Provel cheese… YUMMY! Add some green pepper and you’ve got yourself one AMAZING pizza!

  3. Bling Juman

    Favorite cheese? Uhhhhh, how ’bout ALL! It’s really hysterical how much I love cheeses! Lol! Thank God I’m NOT lactose intolerant!

  4. Jodi G

    My husband & I are pizza snobs – nothing’s as good as when we make it ourselves. I’ll make the dough, and he makes the sauce – our favorite toppings: pineapple & hot pepper!

  5. Missy

    Lots of veggies: black olive, mushrooms, peppers, onion, tomato – yum!!!

    My other fav is pineapple, just pineapple.

  6. Jessica Wells

    Definitely some good old NYC plain cheese pizza, covered in fresh rosemary and sea salt. YUM. Growl. Now I’m hungry…

  7. Christine

    I’m eating pizza right now!
    My favorite is grilled chicken, bacon and mushrooms on a thin crust! Delish!

  8. Judy

    My fav topping for pizza is pineapple, but the catch is, I’m vegetarian, and pineapple traditionally goes w/ham. Sigh. (Not to mention that my hubby doesn’t like pineapple on pizza…)

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