Friday Giveaway: Wax Seal Necklace

Thanks to everyone who shared your stories about the loved ones in your lives. And congrats to Sarah Solducky, who will be sending her holiday cards with a special seal this year.

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This week we’re honored to give away one of Tania Condon’s elegant sterling silver wax seal necklaces, that she will custom engrave for one lucky winner.

And this week, you have the chance to win one, custom made. Your sterling silver wax seal necklace comes with a tiny tag that you can have engraved with the initials of a loved one and a date to mark a special day in your heart. Your pendant also comes with your choice of initial and a block of wax, so you seal your letters with a personal touch.

Tania Condon’s son Julian is the main inspiration for her pieces, including the sterling silver wax seal necklace, available custom-made for $95. After the birth of her son, Tania took up metalsmithing in order to make a bracelet for her newborn baby. She learned first at classes at a college in San Diego and then with the help of other masters in the trade. Using the design of a wax fob she saw in a British Museum, she came up with the idea of the pendant.

Tania says, “I love writing letters and sending them via snail mail and I seal them with a wax seal of the letter T. Sometimes I get carried away and even use the wax seal for my bills!”

Want to win? You know what to do! Leave a comment below telling us what special event or person you might commemorate with a sterling silver wax seal necklace. Then leave a comment on our Facebook wall, and tweet @uncommongoods on Twitter to triple your chances. We’ll announce the random winner on Monday.

Written by julia

Julia is the Community Outreach Manager.


  1. Hilary Hoffman

    I would celebrate myself with it!! Totally selfish, but I’ve always loved wax seals and it would be fun to have an “H” people would assume I’d be for my last name, but really it would be just for me!

  2. Jessica Bailey

    I would celebrate myself. I am starting a small party planning business and would love to have a unique signature.

  3. Heather Rodgers

    I would use this to celebrate my almost 2 year old who was born on New Years Day! He’s my life, I love the idea of celebrating him everytime I send a letter!

  4. Stephanie

    I would celebrate the love I share with the most wonderful man in the world – I would select A to represent him and have the engraving be for our very first date 4/27/1995 <3

  5. Tina E. Schutz

    I would get TEAM for the first initials of all the names in my little family (Tina, Abby, Elizabeth, and Michael) or 1989 – the year my husband and I began our married life together!

  6. Linda

    I would give this to my sister, who has always loved wax seals and taught me how to use them over 30 years ago, it’s a wonderful memory for me, I’d get an M for her.

  7. Andrea Treadwell

    I would get an A…all the girls, including my Mom, myself & my daughters, names begin with A. We could share it!

  8. Cindy Gifford

    I would celebrate by daughters pending birth of my second grandchild. We are planning a blessaway for her and that would be the perfect gift. I just found out this last weekend my daughter was pregnant, she lives next door our relationship has been strained but since the announcement things have improved a lot, it is amazing. Of my five kids she is 30 and the last one I ever expected to get pregnant because she was not going to have children or adopt.

  9. Helen

    I would have 12. We were told we would never have children, 9 yrs later our son was born 12/12 and a following 3 yrs later our daughter arrived 12/6. So 12 is now a very special number to me.

  10. Mary Beth Rhines

    It’s so beautiful! I would get an “R” for my married last to celebrate my husband of 14 years and my 3 beautiful children!

  11. Jill

    My sister–a phenomenal high school English teacher–is about to receive tenure. I am so proud of her accomplishments and passion! I know a gift of a wax seal necklace would be both the perfect gift, and greatly treasured.

  12. Tracey

    My sisters Taylor, Taryn and I all visibly have names that begin with the letter “T”. Above the obvious and below the surface is a deeper meaning behind that initial. I an 10 and 13 years older than both if them (respectfully) and although there have been times that our developmental phases have clashed, we have consistently worked hard to always have some common ground in order to relate to one another. Further Compounding that obstacle is the fact that I live in Northen VA and they are both still living at home with our father and my step mother in Ohio.

    One unifying character trait we have been blessed with and most likely is the reason we have successfully maintained this close bond is our empathetic, caring nature, our tendency to alwys put the needs of others before our own and our over achieving, perfectionist attitudes that prevent us from ever giving up once we have set a goal for ourselves.

    I currently work as a high school math and science teacher educating students with learning disabilities who are still responsible for meeting all of VA’s general Ed curriculum. It is exceptionally challenging to develop and differentiate instruction on the spot ti somehow find a way to explain these complex topics to a roomfull pf stidents that all process information differently. My tenacious spirit combined with my relationship with my younger sisters enable me to persevere. My sisters are the same age as my students so I am very comfortable interacting with this age group and do not encounter the classroom management issues that the majority of my colleagues do. I have bonded with each and every young adult that I have had the pleasure of teaching over the course if the past 3 years and am proud to report that my student pass rate for the Standards of Learning end of course exams is higher than most of the general education teachers within the science and math departments I work in.

    My experiences and relationships with my sisters Taylor and Taryn have given me the gift to inspire and motivate an otherwise apathetic population of students who have developed deeply rooted misconceptions of their abilities by the time they reach high school. Albeit exhausting and thankless most of the time, I love my job and could not imagine doing anything else that would prove as rewarding.

    The cherry on top: my students refer to me as Ms. T because of my difficult last name : )

  13. DJ

    I would give this to my daughter to celebrate the birth of her first child (my first grandchild)in March 2011.

  14. Annett

    My husband and I used wax seals on our wedding invitation so this would be a great 11-year anniversary gift to commemorate that.

  15. Amy Baldwin

    Only pic one letter to commemorate someone or something? Wow, that would be hard! I would probably go with a “B” for our last name. That way I could pass it down to my boys someday. Could definitely be an heirloom piece!

  16. Karly

    I would get a ‘K’ because I just moved in with my best friend, whose name starts with a ‘K’ (Kenzie) as well. She’s really become like a sister to me, she is my family now – and her birthday is coming up.

  17. Laurie

    I would get an “S” for my lovely daughter. She just started in 4th grade and although she struggles with dyslexia she worked hard and obtained a 100 on her spelling test after getting a zero on the pre-test. She is my champion!

  18. Robin Brixey Icahn

    I would commemorate the daughter who is now 5 weeks old of my Best friend who passed away on Monday September 13, 2010. My Best friend had battled Cystic Fibrosis her entire life so at the age of 32 she adopted a daughter and in the process learned that she was pregnant. She had a good pregnancy even though it was high risk. While delivering the baby 6 weeks early, she was in the hospital and caught hospital acquired pnuemonia which spread to all 5 lobes of her already over-worked lungs. She battled over 50 days in the hospital ICU while on and off ventilators, feeding tubes, trach, ect – most of us would have only made it days, but she lasted weeks because she wanted to be here for her daughters. Her daughter, Naomi Rose, is now flourishing and healthy in honor of her mother, Katie who recently passed. It is just like Katie’s manner to leave her physical DNA of beauty, strength, and an awesome spirit here on earth to continue where her path seemed to end. “W” for Naomi Rose Wingard. Her mother was so proud her, the miracle baby and as her friend, I would commemorate this special being for being here full of love and truth in human will and strength that her mother showed us everyday until the end.

  19. Tiffany Havorson

    I would celebrate my three babies! They are my heart. Daily I can not wait to wake up to their little faces. An “H” for my beautiful babies and my wonderful husband that blessed me with them.

  20. Joanne Pacicca

    I would celebrate my existence. If I had a “J” it would remind me of my own value and uniqueness since I am considered the “tail of the dog” at my work.

  21. Evie Maurer

    My former high school English teacher would love this! Or better yet she would love to receive a letter with a wax seal. She is a stickler for good grammar and spelling, and appreciates the written word. Let’s hear it for Ms. Wiley!

  22. Danielle

    I’m turning 21 in october, and what a better way to send invitations, then with a wax seal “D”. (Also useful in case I ever get married and change my last name.) This way, I can make it a theme party, and get everyone to dress up. Twenty-one is one of those marker birthdays, the kind that you’re supposed to remember forever. It also marks the day that you are (supposed) to be a full fledged adult.

  23. Chloe

    I would want to give this to my Aunt.

    My cousin battled Type 1 Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis for the last 20 years. It stole his entire life, and he passed away young, just over two months ago. I’ve lost a cousin, but my Aunt and Uncle have lost their only son. The entire family has lost someone they loved dearly.

    I think it would really mean something special for my Aunt to have this as a namesake with her. I can see her using it to seal christmas cards and letters and it would be such a wonderful way to keep a tangible reminder that he’s in our hearts.

    A “K” for kenneth
    July 26, 2011

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