Get Your Green: In The News This Week

Want to make a difference? Line-drying your clothes is an easy and effective way to reduce your carbon footprint. This week we’re celebrating 10/10/10 with our friends at Project Laundry List. Stay tuned to theGoods for a chance to win a WindowDry rack and join the line-drying movement.

Break out your overalls: Painting your roof white could help combat global warming. “Cool roofs are one of the quickest and lowest-cost ways we can reduce or global carbon emissions and begin the hard work of slowing climate change,” says Energy Secretary Steven Chu.  [CNBC]

Roofs strike again: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed a new blue-and-green colored roofing system for catching and storing rainwater, meant to reduce sewer overflows and lower costs by $2.4 billion over the next 20 years.  [Reuters]

More than a drop in the bucket: The 2010 Sustaining Colorado Watersheds conference kicks off in Vail tomorrow through Thursday, October 7. Speakers like Jon Waterman will be pipping up on how to maintain and protect our waterways.  [Colorado Watershed Assembly]

In the meantime, we’ll be doing out part to reduce water usage in Brooklyn with a cool, patent-pending product that’s just hit the U.S.: the water pebble. This brilliant device tracks your running water and helps quicken showers by incrementally shortening recommended stop times. We’re particularly excited to be its exclusive U.S. retailer. Check it out here. [UncommonGoods via Water Pebble]

Efficiency standards might get more mileage: Fuel efficiency standards for the next generation of cars and trucks are looking up–literally. Regulators of near-future vehicle production are said to be raising standards from anywhere between 47 to 62 miles per gallon by 2025. [CNBC]

Oceana’s latest energy report is a win-wind: Offshore wind “outperforms” oil and gas by producing 30% more electricity, costing $36 billion less than fossil fuel production and creating “about three times as many jobs per dollar invested.” Read all about it here. [Eco Friendly Mag via Wind Energy Update via Oceana]

Join the countdown to global campaign 10/10/10! It’s a high-energy movement for reducing global emissions in 2010 by 10%, and it’s gearing up this Sunday. We’ve been biking to work these days–how will you chop your emissions this year? For details on 10/10/10, click here. [10/10/10]

Written by genevieve


  1. Unique Necklaces

    Very interesting blog post. Reading the suggestion to pint your roof white made my brain go into deep thought. Wow that would really cut down on the electric bill in the summer time wouldn’t it!?
    Someone should read this and start manufacturing light colored house shingles. Why do we have dark shingles anyway?

  2. Genevieve

    I imagine dark shingles help retain heat in fall and winter, but where’s their summer counterpart? There’s a need in the market: It’s not just a sustainable measure towards climate control, but an incentivized one, as well!

  3. Annie xu

    Yes in the furture the green energy and resource will become more and more important. Besides the wind the solar also is very convenient and environment protection.
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