Joseph & Joseph Giveaway

Congrats to Lindsay, who said, “My favorite thing to make is hearty fall and winter soups. Potato, vegetable, french onion and cauliflower soup. Warm, filling soup … yummy!” She’s winning a set of Elevate kitchen utensils.

And congrats to Amanda, who won the nesting prep bowls. Her favorite meal is, “kabobs! Yum! So simple! So tasty! So easy!”

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Happy Friday everyone! In lieu of our usual Friday Scavenger Hunt and in honor of National Inventors month, we’re giving away a set of elevate kitchen utensils and a set of nesting prep bowls from innovative designers Joseph & Joseph!

To enter is easy. All you have to do is leave a comment telling us what your favorite dish to make is. Make sure to leave your email address and name when you submit a comment (Don’t worry, your email address won’t be public – It’s just so that we can contact you.) Also, leave your twitter name if you have one!

Wait there’s more! If you want to triple your chances, tweet your comment to @uncommongoods and leave a comment under the post on our Facebook wall for up to two additional entries. Everything must be posted before 12 noon ET on Sunday. We’ll announce the lucky winners on Monday.

Happy Friday!

Written by julia

Julia is the Community Outreach Manager.


  1. Annie

    Favorite meal to make: bean and cheese enchilladas. A yummy vegetarian dish and even meat eaters love!

  2. Cat Nicol

    Sugar Cookies! I make them into race car shapes and take them to the Iowa Speedway with me!

  3. Alicia

    Love my Linguine with garlic, shrimp, oregano, and olive oil…served w/ side romaine and veggie salad!

  4. Caitlin P.

    I like to make Artichoke & Spinach Cheesy Pasta Casserole. It is easy and so good! Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

    Good luck to all!

  5. Kim W

    I make some rockin’ homemade strawberry shortcakes! SO much better than those store-bought spongy things with 5-year shelf lives. ;)

  6. AEVande

    I love to make a slow cooker meal! Is nice to have a hot food waiting for you when you get home!

  7. meg

    i love baking, so cupcakes, muffins, and cookies are my fave things to bake & eat. i have food allergies so i have to make a lot of foods myself instead of buying them in a store. thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Jessica

    Stew made from leftovers. All it takes is some beef or chicken and the leftover veggies from the past few days. A super cheap, but good meal for college students.

  9. Marie B

    I love cooking – but a favorite? That’s hard! Shahi korma (lamb in cream and almond sauce) is a fav.

  10. Liz Dentzer

    Love making chimichurri marinated steak sandwhiches especially in the summer! I use fresh parsley and cilantro from the garden for the chimichurri and nice fresh crusty bread for the sandwiches!

  11. Elana

    Jamie Oliver’s pot roasted sweet and sour chicken. OMG, so good, and the kids love the (all veggie) sauce. Nom.

  12. Laurel Ramos

    My favorite dish is a dessert we call disappearing dessert (because it doesn’t last long in our house!). It is a cookie crumb bottom with a cream cheese/coolwhip combo filling, followed by a layer of chocolate pudding with a cool whip topping. YUM!

  13. Laura O

    My own reciepe for “oi oi cookies” made with egg whites and cadburys drinking chocolate!! MMM YUM!!

  14. Marina

    Roasted chicken and tomato salad on the side.
    each time I have a bad day I make this – quick, easy, and so so good !!

  15. Lorena

    I love to make homemade chili. I’m sure my recipe would never win an award, but I love it and its SOoo comforting.

  16. Ngoc

    Zucchini Pesto Crostini–Can’t get enough of it…Anything on crostini is pretty much good but zucchini during the summer is great! :)

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