Levi’s Announces Care to Air Judges

With only a couple weeks left to enter their very cool Care to Air contest, which encourages participants to come up with innovative alternative to using dryers, Levi’s announces the judges for the contest, including UncommonGoods’ CEO Dave Bolotsky, and also delves into what inspired the challenge.

From Cory Warren, Editor, LS&Co. Unzipped:

“While examining the lifecycle impact of a pair of Levi’s® 501’s, we were surprised to find that almost 60% of the climate impact happens in the laundry phase – after a consumer takes them home – and nearly 80% of that impact is due to the energy intensive method chosen for drying. All that hot air in your dryer takes a toll on the environment.”

We’re really excited to be a part of this innovative contest. Be sure to check out all the great entries and don’t forget to submit your own! The deadline is July 31…and did I mention the prize? $10,000 in prize money from Levi’s – to be distributed among the finalists! Plus a chance to meet with some really cool judges:)

– Dave Bolotsky, Founder and CEO of UncommonGoods

– Doug Sweeny, Vice President of Marketing for the Levi’s® Brand

– Eric Ryan, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Architect at Method Products, Inc.

– Max Burton, Executive Creative Director at Frog Design

– Zem Joaquin, Founder and CEO of EcoFabulous

Written by Missy

Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, Missy wrote her first book “The Forgetful Easter Bunny” at age 6. Before attending college at the University of Missouri, she enjoyed a full career of writing and passing notes to friends during class as well as writing for school yearbooks and newspapers. She moved to New York in 2007, and has been at UncommonGoods ever since. Missy likes playing outside, watching thunderstorms, eating dessert first, dancing at weddings and giving people hugs.

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