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UncommonGoods Catalog Cover

Before we started on our most recent catalog, we all got together and decided that we wanted something fresh! something new! something different! And that’s when it hit us like a lightning bolt from a paper cloud: “Let’s make everything out of paper!”

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Isn’t the catalog always made of paper?” And, yes, you would be right, the catalog is always made of paper. But beyond the pages, we wanted to incorporate paper as a unifying theme throughout the book. The catalog was divided into six chapters, all of which feature sets made entirely out of paper, paste and paint. We started with six, but we liked them so much, that we decided to up the ante to 12 (“How about a cover?” “Sure it only takes two days to make!”). These paper worlds vary from the size of a book (the cover) to the size of a real-life living room complete with paper couch. In all of the scenes the only thing that isn’t made out of paper is the product.


Cardboard Barn

For weeks, the creative studio was a flurry of paper clippings, x-acto knives, paste and people. It was all hands on deck! And bring your scissors, too! We called in everyone we knew – a doctor made the paper clouds, a jewelry maker created perfect little paper flowers and I made a sore attempt at making paper grass (it was mysteriously left out of the book…turns out I’m better at writing papers than cutting them). We had many late nights and lots of emergency pizza, but in the end, we couldn’t have been prouder of our “paper” paper catalog.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

UncommonGoods Catalog

Written by Missy

Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, Missy wrote her first book “The Forgetful Easter Bunny” at age 6. Before attending college at the University of Missouri, she enjoyed a full career of writing and passing notes to friends during class as well as writing for school yearbooks and newspapers. She moved to New York in 2007, and has been at UncommonGoods ever since. Missy likes playing outside, watching thunderstorms, eating dessert first, dancing at weddings and giving people hugs.

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