Striking Out

Melody Lanes

Last Wednesday, I am proud to announce that I won the very prestigious worst bowler award when the UncommonGoods team went bowling at Melody Lanes. And let me tell you, the competition was fierce, given that only two people managed to get a score higher than 150.


Also, many claimed that the greasy food (pizza, zucchini sticks and curly fries) made it difficult to hold onto the bowling balls. But in the end, no one could match my complete and utter lack of bowling skills.


In one round, I managed to heave the ball down the alley, only to have it end up in the gutter. No surprise there, except the ball was moving so slowly that it stopped and started to roll backwards! It lost momentum in the middle of the gutter, and our brave CTO Casey ran out to fetch it, not realizing that the floor is really slick! He didn’t fall, thankfully, since an injury might have made him the worst bowler by default.

The title is mine, at least until we go bowling again. And my prize? What appears to be a bowling pin, but is actually a bottle opener and set of four coasters, crafted by one of our vendors (maker of our ballpark pens and jewelry, among other reclaimed sports memorabilia). A fitting prize, given that copious drinking was fundamental to my victory. We are working on getting a version to sell on our website, so that you too can toast to bowling winners (or losers).


Written by kira

Kira is the Operations Analyst. She has piles of yarn and plans to finish knitting a hat sometime before it's too warm to wear one, prefers reading with a purring cat in her lap, and cooks more food than she and her boyfriend could ever eat.


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