What did the owl say?

Congrats to Foxy Cleopatra (aka Shannon) for winning the Friday giveaway. Remember to subscribe to the Goods to get the heads up on all our contests and giveaways.

Why did the owl win “Best Personality?”

Click through to see the answer, and find out how you can win a friendly reclaimed tin owl lantern.

Because he’s a hoot!

At least we sure think so. Carved from reclaimed tin, this crafty votive adds a light touch to Halloween and fall festivities. Perfect as a charmingly spooky indoor or outdoor lantern, simply perch this little owl over tea light candles to illuminate a watchful glow on autumn nights. Handmade in Georgia by Margaret Taylor.

Let us know what you’re going to be for Halloween in the comments below for a chance to win. And as always, leave a comment on Facebook, or tweet at us to triple your chances.

Written by julia

Julia is the Community Outreach Manager.


  1. Cynthia Quo

    My daughter is going to be a Doctor this year (in scrubs), so I think I’ll be her patient…. :)

  2. Dee Dee Ebert

    I am going to be the bird lady from the movie “The Birds”
    Black suit with blonde wig, twig and fake bird in my hair and spots of blood where the birds have pecked at me!!!
    Happy Halloween!

  3. Rachel Stolowicki

    This year is the first year that I bought my costume from a store rather than making it. I wanted to be something that will make people laugh. I’m going as a hot dog.
    = )

  4. Jaime Bastable

    Im going to be an Eskimo, because atleast then ill be warm! (Gotta love halloween in new england!)

  5. Brenda

    My friends are having a party with “mashup” as the theme. I’m going as Joan Holloway of Arc.

  6. Shannon

    I am going as Fox cleopatra, my son as austin powers and husband as Dr. Evil. Fun times had by all!

  7. Nicole

    My newborn will be Frodo – swaddled with spider webs around him and furry feet and I’ll be the spider, Shelob!

  8. Jenny M

    This is my first Halloween in forever that I’ve had a significant other, so we’re doing a coupley costume. Westley and Buttercup from The Princess Bride. “As you wish!”

  9. Katie

    I’m either going to be a rennisance vampire cupid. I havent decided if i want to be sweet or scary yet. Its a tough choice :)

  10. Candra

    The whole family’s doing Stars Wars: I’m Amidala, my daughter’s Leia, my hubby’s the Emperor, my son’s the Death Star (fun to put together, I tell you…) and the baby’s Yoda.

  11. pat coniglio

    i am going to be an abstract painting; i am going to paint
    my boyfriend and he is going to paint me at same time.nothing kinky, just abtract with streams of unusual
    colored hair and unusual abstract colorful clothes.

  12. Andrea B

    Roseanne Roseannadanna —- “I know what you’re talkin’ about, because, I, Roseanne Roseannadanna, once had the same thing happen to me. I thought I was gonna die!”

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