New Year’s Giveaway

It’s that time of the year! Time to make your New Year’s resolutions. Learn a new language. Eat dinner with your family more often. Plant a garden. Whatever it is that you want to achieve in 2011– it’s time to set your goals.

And UncommonGoods is here to help!

Studies show that if you affirm your resolution in public, you’ll have an easier time making it stick. So leave a comment below and let us know what you’re planning to achieve in the coming year.

And how about a little extra something to help you start your New Year off right? We’ve got an Uncommon Good in mind for one of you, to help you keep your resolutions and achieve your goals.

Want to start composting? Find inner balance? Start writing that novel? We’ve got just the gift to help one or more of you get started!

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Happy New Year and may all your goals and dreams be realized!

Written by julia

Julia is the Community Outreach Manager.


  1. susy

    am going to try and get caught up with past due bills accumilated over the past few years due to medical issues. want to start a savings account, begin daily walks, and improve my diet….including NO SUGAR !!!!!!!

  2. Kelsey

    Last year, I went from not being able to run more than a mile to running in my first ever half-marathon…in 6 months. My resolution for 2011 is to knock off 25 minutes on the time I got in the 2010 half-marathon!

  3. Sarah

    I’m determined to put myself first this year. I’ve just entered my 30s and this is the time for me to show myself that I matter by having “me time” every day be it a walk, quick meditation or mindfulness practice, or a call with a friend.

  4. Marcy

    I will be tracking where my money goes…not just what I spend it on, but who benefits from my dollars. I’d like to try to shift my economic impact away from big box corporations and into the hands of small businesses and individuals as much as possible.

  5. Brenda

    In 2011 I am going to continue the walking program that I started in 2010. I will also expand my garden to try a wider variety of vegetables and learn how to prepare them.

  6. Beth

    Easy – thirty minutes of SOME kind of real movement, every day!
    Oh, and I’ll finally plant those hydrangeas I keep talking about.

  7. R. Aponte

    My resolution is to continue to pay off my debt and maybe start saving some money. I had a good end of 2010 starting to do this, but I still have a ways to go. Want to be able to get a good amount saved to buy a house and start our family!

  8. Lynn

    I’m a Fine Artist, and have been trying hard to hone my skills in 2010 (with good success). My goal for 2011 is to start a Daily Painting project: paint ONE small painting, every day of the year. Not an easy one, but not an impossible one, either! :)

  9. Dayna

    My new years resolution is to make my children proud of me by graduating from college this year and to make sure all 5 are there to watch me walk. BYTHEWAY- they range in age from 4-11

  10. Tara

    To eat healthy and exercise because it’s good for me, not because of my vanity (that has been my motivation in the past).

  11. Lisa

    I am definitely cutting back on all junk food that my household consumes. We have 6 daughters who are so picky with food! I also want to lose a good 20 lbs, and want to make time to walk more.

  12. Jaime Bastable

    My resolution is to stop spending money on silly little impulse items and save up to open the bakery of my dreams, and to stop floundering around and graduate college.

  13. Jesica

    I had sat down last night thinking about all the things I wanted to change in the new year. Laughing my husband reminded me it had to be realistic! Haha,So I would like to improve the diet that my family has, Now if only prices on nutritional food would drop!

  14. Angela Peterson

    I resolve to be a better friend in ’11. I’ve been extraordinarily involved in my own issues the past few years that I’ve neglected the ones that have been there for me through thick and thin. I’d like to connect with at leat one friend every week- even if it’s a phone call or letter. In life, relationships are the most important thing we have! =^.^=

  15. camista

    i resolve to wake up earlier to eat breakfast, catch a bit of the daily news, and possibly even take the stairs(i live on the 22nd floor)…so far so good! with the help of clocky! best present ever.

  16. Kristin Bentley

    I resolve to practice being present when I am with my kids, husband and friends. I resolve to give them the gift of my time. I resolve to give them the gift of encouragement and support. We have had so many changes since this economy turned… had to put the kids in new schools, had to leave our family business and get new jobs, have to take it day by day and hope we can keep it together. BUT…. despite the stress and grief, I am so grateful for my loved ones. I want them to know it every day :)

  17. Jessica

    I am going to resolve to be active for 30 minutes to 1 hour each day. Notice I didn’t say exercise because that resolution is always broken. Be active!

  18. Kristi Klein

    It’s totally cliche’ but I’m going to take better care of myself. I have really been lazy with eating/exercising this past year and I have to stop! It’s not healthy for me or my family! I have already paid for a boot came that starts in March (NO REFUNDS). The director of the camp also requires a healthy nutrition plan too! It’s exactly what I need.

  19. Julie Davis

    My new years resolution is to organize my life. To keep a clean car and not sweat the small stuff.

  20. Patty Hancock

    My New Year’s Resolution is be Greener, more organized and exercise more


    chichibeans at aol

  21. Jane S.

    In 2011 I resolve to take a cooking class; take a yoga class; go for a walk on my lunch break every day; contribute $100 monthly to my savings and IRA accounts; put at least 50miles on my bike a month; make a grocery list before entering the grocery store; and learn more about champagne.

  22. Melissa M

    My resolution is to plant a small garden (I have a tiny apartment yard, so can’t do a full garden) and learn to grow things to eat. Meanwhile, I plan to cut out refined foods completely at home, and as much as possible when eating out.

  23. Stacy

    My new years resolution is to use less and recycle more. I find myself throwing out used food and scraps of food that I could be putting into a composte bin. My trash cans are heavy with waste. I have asked hubby to build a bin for us, but we live in the middle of the woods where many wild animals would feast on our composte, and all attempts have failed. I look forward to finding a way to compost out in the wild without attracting animals and doing more to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

  24. Laura

    I resolve to build the nest egg back up, start funding the IRA’s again and really planning for retirement and beyond. I will also get back on track with the whole family’s health so that the husband & I make it to retirement, proms and weddings will not break us and perhaps a couple of vacations a year to rediscover family and have an adventure!

  25. Whitney

    This year: I need to cook more and prepare for graduate school, ie. save a little money and work on the student/studying mentality.

  26. Catrina

    My resolution for 2011 is to stay in touch more with my friends – and Facebook doesn’t count! I am blessed with great friends, and I want to take the time to appreciate these relationships :)

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