YouGoods: Put a new twist on old greeting cards

“Pass me the White-Out!”

Christy Eichers had just realized she had no card for the birthday girl, so she quickly fixed up an old card of her father’s.

The result was fairly tacky, but she was certain there was a business idea there somewhere.

And regreet was born:

With regreet, you can upcycle your old cards in style, and take away the stigma of passing along a card that’s been doctored with whiteout or eraser marks. Christy’s even thought of a way for you to track your card’s journey, and see just how many times it gets regreeted.

According to Christy and the Encyclopedia of American Industries, the greeting card industry is a $7.5 billion business with 90% of households purchasing cards each year. The typical household purchases 30 cards annually.

So regreet kits, made from earth-friendly materials with a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste and printed with soy inks, can have a huge impact on reducing the amount of paper we waste each year.

Christy is winning a $1,500 cash prize, along with the chance to show off her designs at World Maker Faire NYC and sell the regreet kit at

Leave a comment below to congratulate her on her idea– eco-friendly, clever, and well designed.  A perfect YouGoods design for National Inventors Month!

Written by julia

Julia is the Community Outreach Manager.


  1. Susan K Lapp

    CONGRATULATIONS!; Christy! :) There is Nothing Better Than Seeing Someone Like Yourself, Christy, Truly in Love with Our Country & How Much it Means To You To Save & Go Green! :) Best Of Luck in your Future Endeavors! Lot’s Of Love & Many Hug’s Susan XOXO……..<3

  2. Crystal DeBondt

    Good job Christy, great idea. Recycling cards reminds me of years ago, my mom and her friends used to “resend” their birthday cards. It was sort of cycle that began with one giving a card, that person sending it to another, that person sent the same card to another, and so on. It would eventually get back to the one who started it. They would put the date sent next to the name of the person they sent it to, so they could track it that way. It was great fun to see the trail those cards left.

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