Gift Lab: Slipper Knit Kit

October 25, 2011

Background Research:
My grandmother taught me how to knit. Since then, I’ve knit a lot – of scarves. I’m ready to branch out and I’m looking for a challenge.

The Silver Cotton Mary Jane Slipper Knit Kit looks like a step-by-step DIY comfy accessory that will definitely make me proud if I can pull it off. Plus, from the looks of the instructions, they’re much easier to make than they look.

The kit includes:
– 2 skeins of Turkish cotton spun yarn with 5% pure silver
– Circular bamboo knitting needles
– Darning needle
– Yarn cutter
– 2 plastic buttons
– Fabric notions bag
– An “easy to follow” pattern
– How-to-knit guide

I have a terrible memory, and forgot how to cast on stitches. No matter! The directions were right there in the pamphlet. I cast on 37. I knit 34 stitches, pulled the yarn in front, and slipped the last 3 stitches on as if I was going to purl (Meaning: I picked them up with the needle from the outside, NOT from the inside, where I usually go to knit.)

I did the same easy steps over and over until I had a strip about 8 inches long (On mine, about 38 rows). The sides looked messy at first, but as the piece got longer, a nice finish on the ends revealed itself.

After 8 inches, I decreased the number of stitches in the top rows a few times by knitting some stitches together.

To make the toe, I used the darning needle to thread the yarn through the stitches and slip them off the knitting needle. By pulling on the yarn, the stitches came together in a circle to make the toe. I stitched the sides together to close the toe, and used the loose yarn at the other end to fold the piece in half and stitch the heel. Now it was really starting to look like a slipper!

I knit two small strips of yarn for the straps. I somehow managed to lose one of the buttons, so used two matching buttons I had lying around – they’re just for decoration anyway – and stitched that on. Voila! Slippers!


The finished product miraculously looks like the picture, and it wasn’t hard! I wear a size 9 and they fit my feet great. If you wear a much smaller size, it’s probably best to knit closer to a 7 inch long piece. There was plenty of yarn left over, so no worries for mistakes or leaving extra to weave back in. Making the straps was the hardest part, because it takes precision to sew them evenly and symmetrically onto the slippers. Also, I have really narrow feet, so the straps might need to be longer if your feet are wide. If I made them again, I would probably finish them with the other option that leaves them strapless. Otherwise they’re a snap!


This nice cotton and silver yarn feels great on my feet, and I’ll keep these slippers for myself! But I know what I’m going to do with all the extra yarn I’ve got laying around the house now! What a great stocking stuffer or fun craft that you could even enjoy making yourself to then give to a friend!

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