Finish Our Mug Shot

ETA: This contest is now over. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

What did one Face Mug say to the other?

We’re not really sure, but we bet you’ve got a good idea. Leave your caption for this mug shot in the comments below, and enter for a chance to win a $36 gift card or a pair of 2 mugs. We’ll pick the best entry to display on the Face Mug page!

Feel free to enter on our Facebook page, or by Twitter as well!

We’ll pick our winner next Friday, 1/28, late afternoon.

Written by julia

Julia is the Community Outreach Manager.


  1. Joshua

    “You know that coffee’s going to stain, right?”
    *other mug is shocked*

    “I forgot to tell you I bought those cookies months ago, but it’s already in your mouth.”

    “Do you know who took all my cookies? Cause I’ve had those for the longest time.”

  2. Rachel W.

    [Oops a couple of mine are repeats of other people’s earlier ideas – I thought I was posting suggestions from someone; turns out they were just reading me the funniest ones. My bad! I wish they let you edit these things…]

  3. Penny

    “It doesn’t get any wider than this!”


    “Unless I grow some legs hyeah, your aim has gotta be bettah!”

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