Owls, Bags & Breakfast

So far, our Community Voting App is a hit! We love all of the fantastic feedback that’s been coming in about potential uncommon goods.

New items are added to the voting tool weekly, and our buyers are hard at work getting community approved items ready for purchase. We’re excited to see what you have to say about the next batch of goods up for voting, but until then here’s a roundup of a few of  your decisions so far.

Owl Bowls

Owl Bowls
Suzanne said: “I NEED these!!! Too cute and not a crazy price tag!”

We agree. The set of three ceramic bowls features adorable owls designed by Jewel Japan—a family run operation. The head of the family, Mr. Kowa produces the bowls (he’s been working in ceramics for nearly half a century) and his eldest daughter, Kaoru, provides the illustrations. We love the fun design, the twist on the popular owl theme and the family story!

Glass Bacon and Egg Earrings

Bacon and Eggs
Nora said: “They are so cute and fun…you can wear them for a cook out or a romantic breakfast.”

Several voters called the earrings “silly” or “fun” and gave the product thumbs up. We’re glad that our customers aren’t afraid to be silly and love having a little fashionable fun! Handmade by Theo Keller, Bacon and Egg Earrings are a delicious addition to your wardrobe.

Purse Pals

purse pals

Ali said: “Really cute idea! I love them! This would be a great gift for a little girl!”

You loved that these cute purses are handmade of upcycled sweaters, machine washable, and designed by a dad. The frog, dog or moose make great pals your little one (ages 3+), or a funky fashion accessory for the adult who’s still a kid at heart.

We hope you enjoyed our first Voting App Roundup. Don’t forget to check back next week to see the latest results, and in the meantime, we’d love to hear what you’d like to say about our new additions to the voting app lineup.

Written by Cassie

Cassie spends most of her time at work writing things. She loves books (including comics), sketch comedy, and sci-fi. She's inspired by art and science. As a former Minnesotan, she longs for an afternoon on a lake, Grain Belt in hand. The New Yorker in her is happy spending that afternoon at the American Museum of Natural History instead.

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