Comments of the Week

Each week we share a few of our favorite comments from our community voting app here on our blog. This week’s comment selection is special, since our app is chalk-full of great jewelry designs from our Uncommon Jewelry Design Challenge!

Here’s what our voters are saying so far!

Glad you love Denise Harrison’s Beer Speak Jewelry, Sarah! I know what you mean. I could go for a refreshing summer ale right about now.

It’s okay, Kelli, sometimes you just need to vent. Don’t worry, as a fine artist, designer Sara Gallo knows how to step in and handle comments like this…

Thanks for fielding that one, Sara! Congratulations on getting your Garden Party doll shoe necklace in our semi-finals!

Great idea, Judith. But, I’m not sure what eyeglass store sells miniature glasses handcrafted from precious metal. It’s probably a better bet to stick with Jennifer Monzon’s Lola Granny Glass Necklace.

Thanks for helping us end our Comments of the Week on a positive note, Michelle! We love the Maryann Dolzani’s necklaces can be personalized with a special “I Am” statement so you can carry your mantra where ever you go!

We’re proud to present this selection of talented semi-finalists, and excited to see the feedback continue to roll in. Voting ends September 19, when the finalists will go on to the next round, so share your votes while there’s still time! The semi-finalists with the most “thumbs up” votes will be presented to our panel of judges.

Written by Cassie

Cassie spends most of her time at work writing things. She loves books (including comics), sketch comedy, and sci-fi. She's inspired by art and science. As a former Minnesotan, she longs for an afternoon on a lake, Grain Belt in hand. The New Yorker in her is happy spending that afternoon at the American Museum of Natural History instead.


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