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My name is Bella and I’m a personal style blogger. But I’m not just about fashion. I have no interest in acquiring the newest “it” bag, or latest designer bauble. What I am interested in is expressing myself in my dress and doing it in an original and sustainable way. I prefer to “shop secondhand first,” and haven’t met a yard sale I didn’t like. I avoid “fast fashion” and anything that comes out of a sweatshop. Recently someone asked if that limited me, but I don’t think shopping sustainably limits my style; I think it helps me explore it.

Recently, I planned a big move. I packed up my worldly possessions, and flew from my hometown of Sacramento, California to Seattle, Washington. I plan to seek my fortune there, and could only take so much in my 2 suitcases coming with me. One of the essentials brought was my charming felted wool clutch. This handcrafted woolly embroidered clutch was the perfect addition to my travel bag. Charming and full of color, this pouch functioned as a wallet, holding my essentials. I loved how cheerful it looked peeking out of my bag- the bright embroidered circles reminding me that everything is connected, and that what comes around, goes around. Since my wardrobe for the time being is limited to just a few things in my suitcases, each piece becomes necessary to have more than one function.

My fire-engine red wool vintage coat serves as stylish and warm outerwear to handle Seattle’s cooler climate. My second-hand oversized black mohair sweater added warmth, especially when layered over my favorite neon yellow acrylic sweater, a recent score from the Goodwill is a gem from the 1950’s as well, and while it harkens from another era, the shout-out-loud at you hue is very on trend for Spring. My jaunty thrifted red knit Tam and sporty red Converse completed my travel uniform, as I go about getting adjusted to my new city. And, my Jenny Krauss pouch fit right in: its bright colors livening up my day and seemed to go with everything.

In fact, I started taking pictures of me and the pouch everywhere, like the world travelling gnome from the movie Amelie. The Peruvian made pouch made itself at home every where, including a great shot of me in front of a killer view of Mt. Rainer, and nestled amongst some, um, “native” gnomes of the Pacific Northwest. Colorful needlework, made from curly wool, crafted by artisans using Fair Trade practices is the perfect accessory for any adventure. Not only do the bright colors match my outfit, it goes with my commitment to sustainable style. And I can definitely take it with me.

Written by bella

The Citizen Rosebud is a personal style blog of Bella Q, plus 40 fashionista, Left Coast blogger. All-around eccentric and thrift shop enthusiast, Bella believes that dressing is about self-expression and that your fashion should be sustainable as well as fashionable. You can read her latest musings at thecitizenrosebud.com


  1. reva

    Bella is the most awesome blogger out there, She reminds us that our world has limits and our resources are being depleted. Her sense of style is an inspiration. She can light up a page like no other and stands firm in her beliefs, a rare quality today.
    Thanks for sharing a bit of Bella with the rest of the world!

  2. Jenny Krauss

    Hi Bella,

    Thank you so much for featuring my pouch on your blog. I love your perspective on life and shopping and wish you the best of luck in Seattle. The photographs are brilliant and I’ll share them with the ladies in remote Peru who make the pouches.

    Warmest Regards,

  3. Bella Q

    Thank you Reva and Terry!
    And thank you Jenny- I love your designs and the clutch has been a joy to carry around my new hometown. Please share the pictures with the women who made the pouch- what an honor to share my bit of the world with them! xo. -bella Q

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