Call for Entries – Upcycling Design Challenge

Written by Gaby D

Gaby is the Community Outreach Coordinator. She knits, reads, collects vinyl, yogas, and is the lead singer of a Brooklyn-based rock band. She is half-part Martha Stewart and half-part Fran Drescher. If she's not sleeping, she's probably Tweeting. Her favorite uncommon good is anything made by Dana Brandwein Oates or Emilie Shapiro.


  1. Carolyn Robbins

    I would like to submit an entry into the design competition yet when I clicked on the link it brought me to a coupon page for a number of things about gifts and searching products etc…..very confusing. If you have information so that I can submit an item(s) could you please contact me? thank you.

  2. cassie

    Hi Carolyn,

    We’re no longer accepting submissions for this design challenge. Our community voting actually just ended and our judges will soon be picking the winner. However, our buyers are always happy to see new designs. Please feel free to show them your work here:


    Cassie | UncommonGoods


  4. Ernest Krah

    This is off topic. However, I discovered that the website RSS feed is not working correctly. Thought I should bring the concern to your attention. Anyway, I enjoyed reviewing your post.

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