DIY Project to Welcome Baby by Rubyellen of My Cakies

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Collaborative family projects are the best. We first did a family art piece (see here) before Soul was born and now we finally got around to creating one for Glow. I asked the girls what colors come to mind when they think of their baby sister and those are the colors we used. All of us took turns painting on it and we went back a few times to let layers dry before adding more. It’s a sweet pop of color perfect for a baby room! 

We loved Rubyellen’s idea of coming together before a new baby is born and creating a piece that is unique and memorable from the entire family. It not only can serve as a personalized piece of art but a special keepsake for the rest of their life! Visit Rubyellen’s blog, My Cakies, to learn more about her incredible family and check out her hand-picked collection of UncommonGoods baby gifts.

Written by Rubyellen

Rubyellen Bratcher is a mom to four little girls who are so close in age she might as well have quadruplets! Her house has an abundance of pink, ribbons, and tutus and our days are filled with never ending playing (and messes). She keeps track of all the crafting, schooling, cooking, styling, and memory making that goes on in her home on her blog Cakies. Sometimes you may get a post about a messy, crazy, need-to-cry kind of day. It's life though and she tries to enjoy it all... the beautiful and the messy!


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