How To Repot Succulents

As Charlotte (you know, the one with the web) would say, Salutations! I’m Blair – the bloggin’ gal from the lifestyle and fashion blog, Wild and Precious and what a pleasure it is to be over in the beautiful blogging world of UncommonGoods today. And now that I’ve introduced myself lets chat about a way to spruce up that patio of yours.

In the world of trends, Succulent plants seem to be taking home the crown in the fauna and flora category. And why shouldn’t they? Their lush “I don’t give a darn,” character is nothing to be ignored. Succulents are hardy, unique, and perfect for the dry summer heat. They don’t ask for much, but a good environment to get their start in life will take them a long way. No green thumb needed — follow this quick DIY tutorial to get your happy Succulents repotted and ready for your front porch or city window.

Did you make mudpies growing up? If so, this might be your favorite part — make your own dirt mixture! When picking out potting soil just get the very most basic stuff. You don’t want anything too rich in additives — Succulents just don’t like that stuff. The goal of your dirt mixture is to get water/food/light/nutrients to and away from the roots in a time appropriate fashion. Mix coffee grinds and a little sand into your dirt before filling your pots. The sand will keep your soil from getting too over saturated with moisture (remember, these type of plants are desert dwellers – they aren’t use to a whole lot of the wet stuff) and the coffee grinds will help fertilize as well as keep away slugs and bugs that would otherwise love to nibble your Succulents down to nothingness.

You can save and use your own coffee grinds but if you aren’t a joe drinker check out your local coffee shop or favorite Starbucks. In a new effort to be green (reduce! reuse! recycle!), Starbucks is bagging and giving away used coffee grinds for garden use.

As far as picking out pots the world is your oyster. You don’t need anything too big and can even choose to put more than one succulent together in a pot. I chose these funky modern pots to compliment my trendy vegetation.

With your pot(s) picked out fill 1/3 of each pot with sand. Do not try to cut costs (sand is cheap anyway) by bringing home sand from your beach vacation — that stuff is full of salt and your succulents will no longer be… well, succulent. Sand is important in helping move around and drain water. Once you’ve got the sand in, fill with your dirt mixture leaving a small lip of space up top.

The plants: I picked out three wee little plants from Home Depot. They were around $4 each. They had crazy names, but in my excitement I lost the tags. I’m thinking about naming them myself though… ah, I digress.

Before introducing your plants to their new home give the bottom of the existing dirts/roots a bit of a scrunch. Flare the root structure out a bit. This will help it transition better into its new/bigger/better environment. This is something good to remember when planting anything anywhere. If you don’t break up the bundle they are used to having in their temporary store shells, they might be a little too shy to branch out (pun intended) into their new world.

Now — where to put them? These guys are not fans of the midday sun. They prefer indirect/filtered sunlight and enjoy a nice airflow (I chose to put mine on my front porch which is roofed). As for watering — unlike planting in your garden, you do not want to water these right away after repotting. Give them some time to adjust and then give a good watering about once a week during the warmer months. Don’t ever leave standing water in your pots — it makes them angry.

Wham bam thank you ma’am we have ourselves some repotted Succulents! Call your self hip cause you’ve got the trendiest little plants on the block. Mischief managed!

Thanks for hanging out with me — pop over any time to say hi Wild & Precious. ta ta friends.

Written by Blair M

Blair is the bloggin' gal behind the lifestyle and fashion blog, Wild and Precious. Blair is married to a portrait artist and is the mommy of a 10-month-old baby girl (who is already walking!). She calls Nashville home and enjoys exploring new trends.


  1. J. Z. Huey

    Great info, Blair!

    I just love succulents and now you have inspired me to go get some new ones!

    Thanks for the tips!

  2. alex w.

    ok, this is a great for me to read because I was looking for the perfect little plant inspiration for my kitchen window. i have found it! thanks Blair! and now i might have to spread them into multiple pots just to use your ideas!

  3. Laura M

    I can’t wait to try this! I have been dying for some succulents so this is perfect. Good to know they prefer the shade!

  4. Annie R

    Blair- great tips and super inspiring for the gal wih a definitely not so green thumb. I can’t wait to try my hand at this!.
    PS- love your writing- was cracking up throughout the blog!

  5. SarahKL

    Great ideas!! I’ve been wanting to include more greenery in my house and this have me that extra boost to do it!! Thanks!!

  6. Julianna K

    Great tutorial Blair! I’ve been looking for something to put on my front porch and now I know! Thanks!

  7. Rin

    So glad I stumbled upon this! Great tips plus I really like this shop – so many cool gift ideas!

  8. Anna

    I’ve been loving the look of effortless succulents but wasn’t sure how to achieve it. Thanks for the step-by-step instructions!

  9. emily rozell

    LOVE this post by the coolest Blair I know! I love her blog and I am inspired to grow a succulent garden this week. My husband and I have a local coffee roasting company here in our town and always looking for ways to use our coffee grounds.

  10. drew

    I never though of using coffee as a soil additive, but it does make sense in the long run. However, I am growing about 10+ succulents in regular garden soil, and they are all going strong. My opinion is this: as long as you water and care for the plant, any soil (in reason) can be used.

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  12. Elise

    Thanks for the post. My son & I are excited about playing with succulents. What is the ratio of coffee grounds to sand to soil? I bought some sand & picked up some free grounds. We are ready to go. Thanks.

  13. Gaby D

    Hi Elise! I didn’t write this post but my mom gave me some advice recently… two TBSPs for an 8 inch pot once a month. You can let the grounds soak in water and pour them in when you’re watering. Hope that helps. Happy planting!

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  15. Cassie

    Hey there! You can use any kind of coffee grounds, but they should already be spent. Since you get to make the coffee first and then recycle the old grounds, you don’t even have to waste any of that precious caffeine.

    Thanks for asking!
    Cassie | UncommonGoods

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