A Haiku For You

We don’t mean to seem immodest here, but our emails are pretty awesome. Wouldn’t you agree?

This month, we’re inviting you to help us write them. Here’s the contest: Write a haiku poem for one (or all) of these four products. If we pick your poem, you’ll be featured in an upcoming email and win the item you extolled! Read on for the rules and details:

Periodic Table Building Blocks: These 20 toy blocks contain the entire periodic table– every known element in the universe. Pretty deep, right?

Tipping Tea Cup: Tipping back and forth to brew your tea, this cup sure has some poetic rhythm.

Stump Ring: Is there anything more symbolic than your true love’s initials carved into the trunk of a tree?

Recycled Glass Owl Night Light: Our night owl’s eyes seem to gaze right into your soul.

The Rules

  • Your poem must be a haiku. What does that mean? Glad you asked! Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry with a rich and storied past, but we’re going to simplify the rules for the sake of good fun. Your poem must be contain 17 syllables: 5 on the first line, 7 on the second, and 5 on the third.

    Here’s an example that Marisa wrote for our soup & sandwich tray:

    “I love you, Grilled Cheese”
    “And I you, Tomato Soup”
    -Doomed never to touch

  • You can write one poem for each of the four products.
  • Leave your haiku(s) in the comments below.
  • By submitting a poem, you’re giving us permission to post your name and haiku poem throughout our site, social networks, emails and maybe even catalog!
  • Deadline to enter: March 2
  • Fan us on Facebook. We’ll be posting contest updates along the way, and expect to see some fun poetry gracing our wall soon!
  • We’ll announce the winner(s) by March 20, 2012. Each winning poet will receive the product they best objectified in their haiku.
  • Questions?

    Ok, go. We can’t wait to see your creative poetry!

    Written by julia

    Julia is the Community Outreach Manager.


    1. Camilla

      Teach Mini Genius.
      Manganese. White. Twenty-Five.
      Periodic blocks.

      Carved in a short stump.
      Initials scar the tree bark,
      Leaving marks of love.

      Whooooooo watches over
      Your sleeping child, tucked in tight?
      With glowing eyes…me.

    2. Camilla

      Whoops. Sorry. I didn’t realize it would take out my [returns]. Here you go…

      For the periodic table blocks:
      Teach Mini Genius.
      Manganese. White. Twenty-Five.
      Periodic blocks.

    3. Camilla

      For the owl night light:
      Whooooooo watches over
      Your sleeping child, tucked in tight?
      With glowing eyes…me.

    4. Amy

      For the periodic blocks (from geek mother to geek baby)….

      Look at our new toys!
      helping you to grow up right…
      don’t drool on the blocks!!

    5. Amanda

      For the elemental blocks:

      Flourine Uranium Nitrogen – Carbon Uranium Boron Einsteinium – Sulfur Helium – Tungsten Hydrogen Iodine Sulfure Phospherous Erbium Sulfur

      Yitrium Oxygen Uranium Thorium – Phosphorous Lanthanum Yitrium – Tungsten Iodine Thorium – Boron Arsenic Iodine Carbon Sulfur – Oxygen Flourine – Lithium Irone

      Carbon Rhenium Astatine Electron – Germanium Nickel Uranium Sulfur Einsteinium

      Yes! That’s a haiku! Here it is translated into the elemental symbols.

      “FUN CUBEs,” SHe WHISPErS.
      CReAte GeNiUSEs!

    6. Amanda

      Whoops. The last poem wasn’t a haiku. Here it is, fixed:

      For the ring:
      Carved names will not fade
      Rings reveal a tree’s true age
      Our love cannot halt.

    7. Raj K. Bose

      Periodic Table Building Blocks:

      With just twenty blocks
      Creating the universe
      It’s pure chemistry !

      Tipping Tea Cup:

      Tipsy drinking cups?
      For confirmed tea totalers
      Who read their tea leaves

      Stump Ring:

      This ring that I wear
      My love and faith I declare
      All for you my dear!

      Recycled Glass Owl Night Light:

      Profound wisdom etched in glass
      Will you give a hoot ?

    8. Karen

      As submitted by my 14 year old son, Austin for the owl nightlight:
      You will light the night
      and watch over me with might,
      owl that loves the night.

    9. Ariel

      I agree – your emails are SO awesome. I work in email marketing and subscribe to your emails for inspiration – you are really the best of the best for good email design and copy!

      My haiku for the tipping teacups:
      Put leaves in one side
      Hot water in the other
      It’s a cup of tea

    10. Courtney S-W

      Block by block I build…
      The Periodic Table consists of everyone’s life..
      Compacted just like an atom..

    11. julia

      @Ariel Thanks for the feedback! Everyone else: Oh my, we’re completely overwhelmed by your creativity! Keep them coming! This contest runs until March 2! I’m using a lot of exclamation points today, aren’t I!

    12. Kelly Brooks

      For the owl nightlight:

      Oh, wise one who hoots
      Light the pathway to the truth.
      Or to the bathroom.

    13. Darla DeNyse

      For the owl night light

      Strong owl perched on branch
      Your wisdom shines so brightly
      Show us all the way

    14. Darla DeNyse

      For the periodic table building blocks
      Square pieces of life
      Putting this world together
      Making us all whole

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