A Haiku For You

We don’t mean to seem immodest here, but our emails are pretty awesome. Wouldn’t you agree?

This month, we’re inviting you to help us write them. Here’s the contest: Write a haiku poem for one (or all) of these four products. If we pick your poem, you’ll be featured in an upcoming email and win the item you extolled! Read on for the rules and details:

Periodic Table Building Blocks: These 20 toy blocks contain the entire periodic table– every known element in the universe. Pretty deep, right?

Tipping Tea Cup: Tipping back and forth to brew your tea, this cup sure has some poetic rhythm.

Stump Ring: Is there anything more symbolic than your true love’s initials carved into the trunk of a tree?

Recycled Glass Owl Night Light: Our night owl’s eyes seem to gaze right into your soul.

The Rules

  • Your poem must be a haiku. What does that mean? Glad you asked! Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry with a rich and storied past, but we’re going to simplify the rules for the sake of good fun. Your poem must be contain 17 syllables: 5 on the first line, 7 on the second, and 5 on the third.

    Here’s an example that Marisa wrote for our soup & sandwich tray:

    “I love you, Grilled Cheese”
    “And I you, Tomato Soup”
    -Doomed never to touch

  • You can write one poem for each of the four products.
  • Leave your haiku(s) in the comments below.
  • By submitting a poem, you’re giving us permission to post your name and haiku poem throughout our site, social networks, emails and maybe even catalog!
  • Deadline to enter: March 2
  • Fan us on Facebook. We’ll be posting contest updates along the way, and expect to see some fun poetry gracing our wall soon!
  • We’ll announce the winner(s) by March 20, 2012. Each winning poet will receive the product they best objectified in their haiku.
  • Questions?

    Ok, go. We can’t wait to see your creative poetry!

    Written by julia

    Julia is the Community Outreach Manager.


    1. Emily

      blocks: lively in learning/what order shall they go in/chemistry expert teacups: tipping tea for three/sipping in silent wonder/philosophicals ring: names here for always/YOUR name written on my heart/I’m forever yours nightlight:hooting in the night/keep me safe from all bad things/sleep tight little owl

    2. Kiah Crowley

      For the ring:
      Our roots grower deeper,
      Intertwining together.
      Etched love still remains.


      Forever with love,
      Left behind for all to see-
      Your name next to mine!

    3. sarah

      theres just you and me
      our initials on a tree
      silver memories

      rocking back and forth
      like the waves water comes from
      but better tasting

      element blocks rock
      you will learn so much from blocks
      so will your enfant

      owl cannot sleep
      he will keep his eyes on me
      night light in his tree

    4. sarah

      sorry about the above, i had them spaced^
      the first 3 lines are for the tree ring, the 3 after are for the tipping tea cups, the 3 after that are the periodic table blocks and the last 3 lines are for the night light!

    5. sarah

      for the ring
      young love there forever
      longer than the love itself
      what real love feels like
      for the tea
      to steep or not to
      to get up or sleep all day
      ill have fun tea thanks
      for the blocks
      blocks for tiny tots
      yes indeed they will learn lots
      all the elements
      for the night light
      staying up at night?
      “worry not” said the light
      then she took to flight

    6. Kylie

      The basics of life
      Constructing your own compounds

      Would you like some tea?
      Do I reside in a tree?
      Never mind, it’s free

      Initials engraved
      with lasting significance
      in light of our love

      My luster’s so bright
      Having no fear of the night
      Wait, hoo goes there?

    7. Efrem

      The Periodic
      Table of The Elements
      help me to smell smart.

      Our initials are
      forever immortalized.
      Please don’t change your name.

      It looks like my cup
      is sinking into the floor.
      Is that a good thing?

      I don’t own a gun.
      Good thing I have a night light
      with an owl design.

    8. Amanda Griswold

      A child learning fun,
      An adult learning chemistry,
      Elements align

      Trees show time with rings
      Our love with weather times trials
      This rings shows my love

      The tea connoisseur
      Knows the best way to brew is
      Found in a see-saw

      The eyes of an owl
      Give light to your darkest night
      Allowing for sight

    9. Anna J.

      with this ring i say
      love you in a special way
      wear it every day

      tipping all about
      brew your tea just right for you
      YUM! just shout it out

    10. Kat McNally

      Just add hot water:
      once you reach the tipping point
      you’ll taste perfection

      I give you this ring:
      I may be stumped for words but
      the heart says it all

      glassy gaze of gwdihw,*
      guard my sleeping soul

      * Welsh for owl, pronounced “goodihoo”

    11. Kiah Crowley

      I misspelled on my first post! Sorry!!

      For the ring:
      Our roots grow deeper,
      Intertwining together.
      Etched love still remains.


      Forever with love,
      Left behind for all to see-
      Your name next to mine!

    12. S E B

      (for the Stump Ring)

      Could not love you more
      Than nature fills my heart, but
      I will try always

    13. Lisa Ward

      argon, what a gas!
      blocks. as much fun to stack
      as they are to learn

      initiated kiss
      now sealed in sterling silver
      this means forever

      a simple tip to steep
      toppled over when you’re ready
      perfect tea each time

      glass re-made me strong
      the night doesn’t frighten me
      owl keep you safe, sleep.

    14. Lisa Ward

      Just doesn’t read right when they aren’t separated:
      glass re-made me strong
      the night doesn’t frighten me
      owl keep you safe, sleep.

    15. Kelsey Therkildsen

      For the Stump Ring:

      L H and P R
      Choose your true love with great care.
      It can’t be returned.

      For the Blocks:

      Purples, pinks, and blues
      Somehow make gold and silver.
      Bi them all today.

      For the Teacup:

      Leaves tell the future
      You will enjoy every cup.
      Tea bags also work.

      For the Nightlight:

      Perched in an outlet
      The owl wisely watches.
      Each item varies.

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