Happy Birthday to You, July Birthdays

There are so many ways to say Happy Birthday – cards, presents, and of course the classic, just saying Happy Birthday. But nothing says it quite like serenading someone with “Happy Birthday” whether in person, over the phone, or at a restaurant while their face turns bright red!

Serenade your friend with a July birthday with your own rendition of “Happy Birthday” and they will be entered to win a $100 UncommonGoods gift card! Rewrite the lyrics of “Happy Birthday” to describe the birthday boy or girl. Leave your new lyrics in a comment on Facebook and be sure to tag your friend. A winner will be chosen on July 31st.

Written by becca c

Becca is the Marketing Intern at UncommonGoods. She loves to swim and explore new places. Her favorite uncommon goods are the Four Seasons Mugs and the Waterfall Windchime.


  1. Kimberly Brown

    Happy Birthday to you, Friends are family too! You’re a bout to have a baby, and I love you lots too!!!

  2. Ginessa Rainbow

    Happy Birthday to MYSELF!
    I’m THE gift-giving elf
    This year for my birthday
    Hubby better fill up my shelf!
    (With presents from Uncommon Goods, of course)

  3. Kenzie

    Happy Birthday to my babies
    Your finally a year old!
    Your my precious little gifts worth more than gold!
    I hope your cake is yummy
    A chocolate mix to fill your little tummies
    I hope to give you gifts from Uncommon Goods
    So mommy can give you the greatest childhoods! ♥

  4. Alicia K.

    Happy early Birthday to me!
    I’m so excited I’ll shout with glee!
    I hope to get gifts galore,
    From uncommon goods and more!

  5. Rachel

    Eugene likes to cook food.
    Eugene speaks Portuguese.
    Eugene’s awesome at Jiu-Jitsu,
    He folds fitted sheets good.

  6. Heather W

    Happy Birthday to you
    Nineteen years married to you
    You’re turning 40 this year
    And I’m still sweet on you!

    Is that Uncommonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn?

  7. Katie Maynard

    Happy Birthday to mom
    You know you’re the bomb
    That may not be your lingo
    but its a good thing ya know.
    Your love is uncommon
    like the gift you’ll receive
    Happy Birthday to mom,
    you are winning a gift card from me!

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