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Our 3rd Annual Jewelry Design Challenge

Written by Gaby D

Gaby is the Community Outreach Coordinator. She knits, reads, collects vinyl, yogas, and is the lead singer of a Brooklyn-based rock band. She is half-part Martha Stewart and half-part Fran Drescher. If she's not sleeping, she's probably Tweeting. Her favorite uncommon good is anything made by Dana Brandwein Oates or Emilie Shapiro.


  1. Kyra Suwak

    I think I entered this contest before I signed up as a member of Uncommon Goods. Is there a way to tell if my entry is posted? I’d like to know so if it isn’t I could post it now.
    Thank You!

    Kyra Suwak, Jewelry Smith & Owner
    Tekla’s Treasures

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