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Gift Lab: Keep Your Baby’s Skin Oh-So-Smooth

July 31, 2013



Baby’s have sensitive skin. The first thing our doctor told us in the hospital after pointing out a reddish rash developing on our newborn’s leg is that we could expect her to have many and varied “disturbances in the force” (as I like to call them.) Fresh out of the safety and sterility of the womb, her baby skin, which should be the protection from the environment around her, reacts to everything from heat to laundry detergent. Our baby got the unfortunate genetic roll of the dice to have parents with skin issues that were passed along before she graced the world with her screams and poop. As a sufferer of eczema myself, I’ve learned that using products with no fragrance, coloring or any “extra” additives is the best way to keep your eczema happy and subdued.



Pure and gentle products are typically sold for baby skincare. Even no tears formulas are sometimes a little too dry for babies with sensitive skin. The Baby Gift Box formulated by Erbaviva uses organic essential lavender, chamomile oils, and natural ingredients so even the most sensitive of babies won’t suffer from the drying effects of soaps and fragrances.



After bringing La Bambina home from the hospital, we had to wait until the remainder of her umbilical cord dried up and fell off before she could have her first bath. A few short weeks of holding our noses as we passed her,La Bambina was finally ready for a bath. We had already used the Erbaviva baby oil to prevent diaper rash every time we changed her and were pleased with the absorption, light citrus scent and moisturizing abilities. Now it was time to use their shampoo and baby cream.



In the end, The Baby Gift Box provides products that make babies and new parents happy at bath time!

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