Kinetic Sand: Sculpt it, Spread it, Move it

The moment I saw Kinetic Sand, I was addicted. At first, I played with it and felt like I was a kid at the beach again, playing with sand castle molds. I couldn’t wait to bring it into our assortment. I brought it to the office to pass around to my coworkers – my teammates absent-mindedly played with it during meetings and at their desks. It’s fun for kids and also the perfect stress ball or thinking toy. I love sharing this item with friends, because as soon as people understand what it is and what it does, they can’t get enough.

Here are a few examples of what happened when I introduced some unsuspecting members of our team and artist family to this workable, sandy substance.

First, customer service specialists Valerie and Lauren gave this not-quite-putty a try.

They mushed it, squished it, and watched it flow.

Then they practiced their sculpting skills by reproducing some of their favorite uncommon goods.

Tabletop Buyer Candace brought her sand on a visit to Twig Terrariums, and Michelle and Katy’s reaction was priceless.

I’m sure keeping a few piles of Kinetic Sand around the office will result in many more impromptu product testing sessions. After all, it’s proof that you can have fun in the sand without spending a day at the beach.

Written by Melissa B

Melissa is a California native, and a new New York transplant. She lives in Manhattan and makes the commute across the bridge to Brooklyn to work at UncommonGoods as the Senior Buyer for the Children’s, Leisure, and Desktop categories. She has no sense of direction, but loves to travel; has no skill, but loves to cook; and currently has an obsession with putty.


  1. Anne Terry

    I saw a demo on the Aqua Sand on your web site and my granddaughter says she “has to have it!” But I can’t find it anymore!! How do I find it?

  2. Cassie

    Hi Anne,

    While we don’t sell Aqua Sand, you may have seen the video on our site if it showed up as a related video after you watched a demo of the Kinetic Sand. (Unfortunately, these recommended videos are selected by YouTube, and we do apologize for any confusion!) If your granddaughter is interested in fun, sand-like products, we can definitely recommend the Kinetic Sand. We have some in the office here, and folks are always poking at it and playing with it! We also recently introduced Instant Snow, which is a pretty fun alternative.

    Cassie | UncommonGoods

  3. Chrystal Toone

    I have bought lots of products such as moon sand, crazy sand, and other similar products. They were all let downs but kinetic sand really does what it says. I am so glad my daughter got it for Christmas she has really enjoyed it. I will be buying more.

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