Luck of the Limerick Contest

We can’t be modest when it comes to our emails. Let’s face it, they’re awesome.

This month we want to give you the chance to get in on all the fun of creating one of our emails by helping us write a Limerick about one of our products. Here’s the contest: Write a Limerick for one (or all) of these four products. If we pick your poem, you’ll be featured in an upcoming email and win the item that inspired you!

Trinity Wooden Cuff Bracelet This eye-catching cuff cuts against the grain of traditional jewelry design–instead of metal or plastic, it’s crafted from natural hardwoods.

Warm or Cool Face Mugs Bring some color to those cheeks with this customer favorite!

Butterflies Pop Out Clock Time flies when you’re watching it pass on this dreamlike clock.

Spiky Owl Bird Feeder Day or night, this charming feeder is bound to be a hit–and a hoot–with backyard birds.

The Rules

  • Your poem must be a Limerick. Need some help writing a Limerick?

  • You can write one poem for each of the four products.
  • Leave your Limerick(s) in the comments below.
  • By submitting a poem, you’re giving us permission to post your name and Limerick throughout our site, social networks, emails and maybe even catalog!
  • Deadline to enter: 11:59 EST, February 27, 2013.
  • You must have a US mailing address to win this contest.
  • LIKE us on Facebook. We’ll be posting contest updates along the way, and expect to see some fun poetry gracing our wall soon!
  • We’ll announce the winner(s) by March 1, 2013. Each winning poet will receive the product they best objectified in their poem.

Happy rhyming!

UPDATE – To find out which limreicks won our contest, check out our email on March 14. Sign up for our emails here.

Written by Gaby D

Gaby is the Community Outreach Coordinator. She knits, reads, collects vinyl, yogas, and is the lead singer of a Brooklyn-based rock band. She is half-part Martha Stewart and half-part Fran Drescher. If she's not sleeping, she's probably Tweeting. Her favorite uncommon good is anything made by Dana Brandwein Oates or Emilie Shapiro.


  1. Emily G.

    There once was a place called Uncommon Goods
    Who sold a cuff made out of woods
    It’s called Trinity
    Because it’s made of woods of three
    Cherry, Walnut and African Rosewood

  2. Monica

    The owl at night
    Sits awfully tight
    Full of birdseed
    Waiting to feed
    For the birds, it’s a sight

    1 and 2 have gone away
    Time passes as it may
    The butterflies have flown
    Time is given only on a loan
    Tomorrow brings another day

    Nature and style be one
    Wear that which grows in the sun
    Three bands of woven wood
    Adorning your wrist are so good
    Looks and feels like fun

  3. patricia bonelli

    though scholars have studied the braid,
    their findings have omitted, i’m afraid,
    the beauty that’s woven,
    in wood, only proven
    that eternity can, certainly, be made.

    the silkworms after eating enough
    proceeded to spin silky fluff.
    after sleeping awhile,
    they became quite mobile.
    “it’s time for the old life to slough!”

  4. Jaime Nicole

    We have a hole in our face
    To give your cookies a space
    But it’s inside our heads where you pour
    Else you’ll lap your coffee from the floor
    And to your family you’ll be a disgrace

  5. Janet Beal

    When you see this mug, you are in awe
    For it contains an open maw!
    So enjoy your book,
    for in this knook
    The treats are stored for you to gnaw!

  6. LMJF


  7. Karin Spidel

    Flitter, flutter, hoping, popping
    Times a-ticking, times a- flying
    Seeing time just hanging
    Keep on sleeping, keep on dreaming
    Little flutters whispering about

  8. Falynn B

    I have a mug, he has a face
    Where his mouth was, is open space
    Do not fear, he will not spill
    Thats where the cookies like to chill
    Hurry up join the race, surely you must want a taste.

  9. Falynn B

    There is a clock its on my wall
    when the time flies away, it will not fall
    I watched it till the parts broke free
    Butterflies into eternity
    Too bad I cant find one of these at the mall.

  10. Falynn B

    The owl is kind of scary
    I wish it was a faery
    birds would perch with delight
    At a fanciful little sprite
    Not for me, onward I carry.

  11. Georganne White

    There’s a mug on this mug, you see?
    And it’s threatening mutiny!
    He’s feeling stark
    and starting to bark!
    Feed the poor chap a cookie!

  12. Jackie

    There once was a bird lover from Bali
    Whose favorite bird was the owly
    Who created a feeder that’s a hoot
    Which won’t give birds the boot
    As they feed in a frenzy squally

  13. Noel

    My owl is misunderstood.
    He doesn’t hunt mice like he should.
    Instead he likes to feed
    his bird friends with birdseed,
    because he is Uncommonly Good.

    Hickory dickory dock.
    The butterflies flew away from my clock.
    It still tells the time,
    but will no longer chime.
    Now all it can do is tick tock!

    This bracelet of wood strands three
    was made from a beautiful tree.
    Its natural design
    suits my style just fine.
    On my wrist it will always be.

    I purchased this face mug set
    thinking they were a sure bet.
    Until they ate my cookies
    and told me “tough nookies!”
    A meaner pair I never have met.

  14. Marie Lynn Smith

    I Spiky own the bird feeder
    By controlling the food, I’m called the leader.
    Whether rain or shine,
    The birds can always dine.
    But not a squirrel, he’s a cheater!

  15. donna lasch

    Round n round the curves do go
    Making you so willing to show
    The arm and wrist
    Which now has a twist
    Aren’t you the one in the know!

  16. Shelly

    A beautiful bracelet made of wood
    I’d be happy to wear it if I could
    I really like the unique design
    I’d certainly love to make it mine
    So I hope my limerick is good!

  17. Terrie Tully

    A bracelet as fine as can be.
    Made from the bark of a tree.
    It’s woven together,
    Still light as a feather
    The colors, a beautiful three.



  19. Bob Auerbach

    Trinity Wooden Cuff Bracelet

    not usually made out of wood
    this bracelet makes me think that I could
    make shapes from a tree
    that mean something to me
    and be universally understood

    Warm or Cool Face Mugs

    somebody give me a snack
    that I’ll hold in my mouth with a knack
    matters whether or not
    my beverage is hot
    cause my handle will tip it all back

    Butterflies Pop Out Clock

    as I snored in my chair on the dock
    I felt a caterpillar wriggling in my sock
    it was all just a dream
    as I awoke just to see
    butterflies coming out of my clock

    Spiky Owl Bird Feeder

    While you are asleep in your bed
    I hunt in the night to get fed
    thanks for the seed
    to attract my next feed
    maybe I’ll munch on this stuff instead

  20. Chelsey

    Hot chocolate or tea?
    Macchiato for me!
    I’m feeling pretty smug,
    Since I got this mug,
    But it better not eat my cookie!

  21. Chelsey

    Inside my mouth you will find,
    Hidden treats that I don’t mind,
    Cookies or fudge,
    I won’t judge
    Even when it goes to your behind!

  22. Jeannine


    I wasn’t sure that I should
    Make a purchase from Uncommon Goods.
    When I saw these two mugs,
    Gave my shoulders a shrug,
    And decided I probably would.

    Now they’re in use every day,
    For my tea or my cafe au lait.
    My treats safely stored,
    My beverage is poured
    Best purchase ever, I say!

  23. Jeannine


    Looking out through the window I see
    A large feathered dinner party.
    Little cheeks stuffed with seed
    Hungry birds here to feed.
    All of them hosted by me.

  24. Joyce Schwartz

    Your wrists are sure to be aching
    when they see these cool cuffs for the taking
    With this eye-catching line
    you surely will shine
    A fashionata star in the making!

  25. Joyce Schwartz

    One’s not enough I insist
    its charm is too hard to resist
    You no doubt will woo
    with a bangle or two
    Put this gem on the top of your list!

  26. Lorain Halsall

    Two bug went out for walk
    Around the edge of the clock
    After a nap
    in a silk wrap
    They flew away! tickity, tock

  27. Lorain Halsall

    The Trinity

    Around and around it goes
    Like a roller coaster of bows
    Made of bright wood
    The colors are good
    The Trinity bracelet, I chose.

  28. Lorain Halsall

    Owl Feeder

    A wise and spiky old bird
    The seeds he guards are assured
    By night and by day
    On guard he will stay
    And only fine-feathers are lured

  29. Lorain Halsall


    These mugs are ugly it’s true
    But cookies and treats are in view
    Handle with care
    They just want to share
    The sweets in their mouth are for you.

  30. Katherine Whitfield

    Spiky Owl Bird Feeder:

    Our handcrafted metal bird feeder
    will delight the most finicky eater.
    This owl won’t give a hoot
    when birds feast on his loot,
    and will be your yard’s personal greeter.

  31. Katherine Whitfield

    Butterflies Pop Out Clock:

    The passing of any new day
    is made better when work blends with play.
    While the minutes tick by,
    you will see the time fly
    as butterflies venture away.

  32. Katherine Whitfield

    Trinity Wooden Cuff Bracelet:

    These three woven bands of hardwood
    blend as only pure elements could.
    With a delicate twist
    the cuff encircles the wrist,
    making any ensemble look good.

  33. Katherine Whitfield

    Warm or Cool Face Mugs:

    If you’re craving a bite with your drink,
    you can add snacks to these mugs in a blink.
    Face mugs are just right
    for milk and cookies at night,
    and you’ll have one less dish in the sink.

  34. Elaine Svoboda

    You need not a suit
    for the feeder that’s a hoot
    All birds may eat
    the food cannot be beat
    Even squirrels will loot !

  35. Elaine Svoboda


    Beauty for your eye
    Time will seem to fly
    With a tick and a tock
    I would buy this clock
    Resistance I do try

  36. Elaine Svoboda


    Have a chew and chug
    with this happy little mug
    Cancel kitchen trips
    convenience at your lips
    Sure to bring some hugs

  37. Elaine Svoboda


    Nature for your wrist
    Sure to make eyes mist
    Simple but unique
    Beauty for your physique
    Mother Nature did assist

  38. Alex Krumm

    ::Butterflies Pop Out Clock::
    This clock will make time flutter by.
    How much better to flutter than fly.
    Cause life will be better,
    When lost in the flutter.
    Better flutter; let fliers pass by.

  39. Alex Krumm

    ::Spiky Owl Bird Feeder::
    “Don’t touch my food, don’t you dare;
    I haven’t got any to spare!
    I might seem small
    but I’m spiky as hell!
    So back off and get back in the air.”

  40. Alex Krumm

    ::Warm or Cool Face Mugs::
    I opened my cupboard for tea
    and found tea staring right back at me!
    With two cookies for ransom
    demanding a handsome
    reward or they’d drink the coffee!

  41. Phyllis Briskman

    A girl loved her drink with a snack
    But two empty hands she did lack,
    Then discovered a mug
    That allowed her to lug
    Her treats all-in-one, that’s a fact

  42. Bonnie

    (Spiky Owl Bird Feeder)
    There once was a birdie bird feeder
    She held all the seed a bit neater
    It is such a hoot
    She really is cute
    All the birdies flew by just to meet her.

    (Warm or Cool Face Mugs)
    You have one of those tricky place faces
    I lose all my common sense graces
    Hold my coffee or tea
    and hide my cookie
    No crumbs or clues left for traces

    (Trinity Wooden Cuff Bracelet)
    Please buy me the triple wood cuff
    So my arm will not be in the buff
    jewelry and art
    sets me apart
    a fashion piece to add to my stuff

    (Butterflies Pop Out Clock )
    Hickory Dickory Dock
    Butterflies fly off the clock
    time passes by
    as I watch them fly
    And realize it’s time to take stock

  43. Terrie Tully

    I’m hanging around in a tree.
    (not exactly as I’d choose to be)
    Birds come get my loot
    But I don’t give a hoot
    I just sit here most silently.

  44. kathleen

    There once was an owl who,

    Was so lonely and utterly blue,

    After being hung outside

    And finally opening his eyes

    This was all so wonderfully new!

  45. kathleen

    From one cup to another

    Hey, buddy what d’ya think

    Could we at least have one little drink?

    My mouth is stretched wide,

    Please put something inside

    I gotta get rid of this kink!

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