Uncommon Personalities: Meet Tiffany Jyang

Tiffany Jyang, UncommonGoods Product Development Associate

My hometown is…
Alpharetta, GA – a suburban girl at heart!

My favorite product that I helped develop is… the Mark Poulin Zodiac Pillows, although I am SUPER excited about our new project with James Gulliver Hancock… that’s all I can say for now… it’s a secret, shhh!

I’m inspired by…
Halloween, trends from the 90s, glitter, outer space, bad puns, and quirky illustrations.

My guilty pleasure is…
Eating cupcakes and watching cartoons, ideally at the same time.

An uncommon fact about me…
I was the runner-up in my elementary school spelling bee. Sadly, I misspelled the word “mystic” because I spoke too fast and accidentally skipped a letter!

My favorite place to eat in New York City is…
Sugar Sweet Sunshine on Rivington St. (Seriously, I’m a cupcake monster!)

My style is…
Cozy sweaters and dresses, all in gray or black… what is color?

Working at UncommonGoods, I’ve learned…
Developing uncommon products is easier said than done, but seeing a new item finally go live never gets old.

Would you rather… give up your sketchbook or your access to blogs?
Give up my sketchbook! I love my blogs and I’m addicted to the Internet. It’s my virtual playground, home to all my mood boards, design inspiration, etc.

Written by Tiffany J

Tiffany is the Product Development Associate. She hails from the South and misses its [relatively] clean air. She likes children's films, drinking tea, books, and puppies. She does not like bugs, inclement weather, or writing about herself in the third person. She is pretty decent at making banana bread; terrible at miniature bios.


  1. Bob

    Hi, Tiff. Nice to meet you here. I am a couson of your father. May all your wishes fulfilled according to our Lord’s precious willingness.

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