Uncommon Knowledge: What makes ladybugs more special than your average beetle?

Given their popularity, it’s not surprising that ladybugs are tied to many myths. According to Norse mythology, the ladybug came to earth riding a lightning bolt, and Swiss children are told they were delivered by a ladybug rather than the stork. These stories may be pure fantasy, but these polka-dotted beauties do perform one miraculous feat: a single ladybug can consume up to 5,000 plant-eating aphids in its lifetime!

Ladybug Castle, $30

Written by Stephanie

Stephanie is a vagabond copywriter and design critic who has contributed work to some top-notch institutions, retailers, and publications, most recently The New York Times, MoMA, New York Magazine, the New Museum, and UncommonGoods—of course! When not pun-slinging and agonizing over picayune grammatical quandaries, she can be found sipping bourbon in Brooklyn with her husband and trying (unsuccessfully) to walk her very stubborn bagle hound, Ginger.

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