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Uncommon Personalities: Meet Crystal Fairweather

UncommonGoods Inventory and Transaction Control Specialist Crystal Fairweather
Crystal Fairweather, UncommonGoods Inventory and Transaction Control Coordinator

My hometown is…
Brooklyn, NY – I grew up in Park Slope.

My favorite thing about working in Inventory Transaction Control is…
Resolving customer issues and analyzing data.

I’m inspired by…
Colors, patterns, music, and creative writing!

An uncommon fact about me…
I am obsessed with books and reading. More specifically, ANYTHING written by James Patterson. I finished his Alex Cross series in about 2 months.

My favorite thing about living in New York City is…
Any type of food I’m craving is a train ride away.

My style is…
Colorful, bright, eclectic.

The word that best describes me is…

Working at UncommonGoods, I’ve learned…
Tons of excel functions and data analysis.

Would you rather…Have an entire conversation with your favorite celebrity via social media OR get to meet them in person, but only get to say “hi” and shake hands?
Definitely a conversation with Alicia Keys via Twitter. (@aliciakeys, I’m @CrystalF.)

Written by Crystal F.

Crystal is an Inventory & Transaction Control Coordinator at UncommonGoods.

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