Goodbye Gaby D.!

Goodbye Gaby D. | UncommonGoods

Every team member here at UncommonGoods gets a chance to tell a bit of their own story, but every now and then someone comes along who really steals the show. For the past two and half years that person has been (que in spirit fingers) Gabrielle Dolceamore. (Yes, that is her real last name. And no, you are not pronouncing it right.) Gaby has been one of the most public-facing Ugooders yet. If you read the blog, follow us on social media, or attend our events, you know Gaby. So, like us, you’ll be sad to see her leave UncommonGoods. Sure, we’re bummed that we’re losing our friend and coworker, but we also feel lucky to have had her as part of the team and are proud to celebrate all she’s accomplished here.

As Community Outreach Coordinator, Gaby’s done great work telling our brand story through lookbooks and PR events, chatting up artists and designers (on stage!) as a design panel organizer and moderator, and building our community through design challenges, email newsletters, and social media. We’ll miss her clever hashtags (#UGInstaFun), consummate style, and impromptu ukulele concerts.

Besides her major responsibilities mentioned above, Gaby is also known for her witty one-liners, shopping online like a gold medal Olympian, zenning out through after work yoga at Prospect Park, and her entertaining Avenue Q one-woman-show outbursts.

The Blog Team | UncommonGoods | Goodbye Gaby D. !

Gaby, we love you, we will miss you, and we thank you tremendously for sharing your undying love for Barbara Streisand, teaching us how we can make everything look better with the miracle of washi tape, and heavily supporting our Pinterest procrastination. Good luck in all of your future adventures!

Written by UncommonGoods Blog Team


  1. Jess

    In the immortal words of Justin Bieber, “I thought you’d always be mine.” As heartbroken as I am that we are losing your vibrant personality and Thursday serenades, I’m so incredibly happy that I had the chance to work so closely with you. Thanks for all of the funny links, positive feedback, inspiring words, and kindness when things were tough. Wishing you the best of luck!

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