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 Galleries and museums are the usual ways to jump into the art scene and scratch that creative itch we all get from time to time, but we also live in a world where all art doesn’t necessarily fit inside a pretty picture frame. From Bansky inspired graphics to children’s sidewalk chalk, street art has become as an art form in itself and over the years has been welcomed in artsy neighborhoods and different parts of the city. Whenever I run into an awesome piece of street art — whether it illustrates another person’s creativity, humor, activism, or all of the above –it’s always a breath of fresh air. (Especially when it pops up in the most unexpected spots!) The current Instagram Challenge theme is STREET ART. Share with us your favorite art that we won’t necessarily find in the Louvre or Guggenheim, but still shares a message of inspiration or creativity none the less. Remember to hashtag #UGInstaFun for your chance to win a $50 gift card. Visit here to see all of the great entries we’ve received so far and check out some of my favorite street art images I found on Pinterest below! #InspirationIsEverywhere

Instagram Challenge | STREET ART |UncommonGoodsInstagram Challenge | STREET ART |UncommonGoodsInstagram Challenge | STREET ART |UncommonGoods Instagram Challenge | STREET ART |UncommonGoods Instagram Challenge | STREET ART |UncommonGoods Instagram Challenge | STREET ART |UncommonGoods Instagram Challenge | STREET ART |UncommonGoods Instagram Challenge | STREET ART |UncommonGoods

Congrats to Shelby for winning our PARENTS Instagram Challenge!

Instagram Challenge Winner | PARENTS | UncommonGoods

Written by Emily

Emily is a contributor to The Goods. She has a serious case of wanderlust that will most likely never be cured. She comforts herself with impromptu trips to thrift shops and speaking broken French to anyone who will listen. She spends her time crafting imaginary witty banter with HONY and stalking him on twitter. Her favorite uncommon good is the Hand of Buddha Jewelry Stand.

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