Uncommon Knowledge: Why is lemonade so refreshing?

Recycled Verano Glass Pitcher | UncommonGoodsIt’s your go-to when you’re packing for a picnic and the nicest thing to offer an overheated repairman who has been working on your broken AC unit for the last three hours. So what is it that makes lemonade so thirst quenching? Turns out sour flavors stimulate salivation more than any other taste, while acidity masks less-refreshing flavors like sugar. In addition, we’ve been conditioned to associate citrus with refreshment. From air fresheners to facial cleansers, the “bright” and “fresh” feel of grapefruit soap or lemon room sprays promise to keep things light and perky. However, we argue that the best spokesperson for a tall glass of lemonade is that little makeshift stand down the street with the toy cash register and the cute kid with a pitcher of the good stuff.

Recycled Verano Glass Pitcher, $40

Written by Kate B

Kate is a copywriter. Strangers would describe her as that very tall girl with glasses, as would her friends. She is pretty good at needlepointing, surprisingly good at bocce ball, and very bad at choosing between sweet and savory at brunch. She is well-liked by most dogs.

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  1. Jean

    I love Uncommon Knowledge. It’s the kind of arcane, “cocktail party chatter” crap I adore. Keep it up guys. And thanks ever so.

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