Uncommon Knowledge: Do men and women see things differently?

Owl Eyeglass Holder | UncommonGoodsYou might assume the answer is, “Well, duh.” But it can be literally and scientifically stated that men and women do, in fact, see things differently. Humans have some distinct sex differences in our senses. For example, women have a more developed sense of smell than men. In this case, researchers at City University of New York conducted a series of tests to find out whether gender affects vision as well. One test showed that men and women perceive the same wavelength of light as slightly different colors. Also, women have a heightened ability to distinguish between similar shades of color. On the other hand, male eyes are more adept at taking in details that move quickly or appear only for a moment. The scientists hypothesize that these differences develop as a result of testosterone levels in the embryo, but they can’t fully explain what advantage they might have imparted to their specific genders.

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Written by Nathan

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