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Best Bets for Book Lovers

November 17, 2016


The smell of ink and paper calls to them. They don’t consider a tote bag quite full unless there’s a paperback or an e-reader inside. To them, life is a series of stories. Some call them the literati, bibliophiles, or even bookworms. But, they’re not too concerned about those titles, because they’d rather be browsing the shelves for titles from their favorite authors. That’s right, we’re talking about book lovers. You could pick up a copy of the latest best-seller or a literary classic to stuff in their stocking this year, but chances are they’ve already devoured it, cover to cover. Instead, try one of these selections from our library of great gift ideas that are sure to read well with the well-read.

It’s hard to find a bookworm who doesn’t light up with one whif of an old book. These Mini Library Scented Tea Lights include not only that sweet scent, but also nine others designed to excite any avid reader’s olfactory system.


A reminder that sometimes it’s OK to act without inhibitions, a Hemingway Literary Poster makes a great gift for the book lover or writer with an adventurous side.


Check out this adorable way to take books on the go. | Library Card Tote Bag


Her nose may always be stuck in a book, but her ears are still visible. | Books & Eyeglasses Mismatched Earrings.


Getting caught up in a good book is like spending time in another world. This necklace lets the book-loving giftee on your list tell the world they’re OK with falling down that rabbit hole.| Alice in Wonderland Kaleidoscope Necklace


Focillate the word-loving tea fan on your list’s desire to pacate with these Life by Definition Tea Mugs featuring little-known definitions in a classic typewriter font.


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single malt in possession of a good flavor, must be in want of a whiskey-drinker. | Literary Glass
Some of our best-loved classics were once banned books. The Banned Books Morph Mug makes a statement about censorship that your bookish buddy will surely enjoy.


Or maybe they’d like another way to sock it to the censors. | Banned Book Socks


The design on this mug was borrowed from classic library cards, making it perfect for a quiet night in with some hot coffee and a good book.  | Library Card Mug


The well-read person on your holiday list probably knows many of the right responses to the questions in F This Test, making the wrong answers listed that much funnier.


Good writing helps the reader picture people, places, and things. These soy wax Literary Candles take it a step further and let the scents mentioned in those pages actually fill the room.


Artist Danielle Kroll was reading The Shining when she was inspired to create this Bouquet & Books Collage Art Print, but even if your giftee isn’t currently reading a thriller, they’ll be thrilled by this piece.


Their home library is fully-loaded, so this sneaky Flask Book Box will look right at place on their shelf.


Reading and thinking go hand-in-hand. This journal makes working through the thoughts and feelings that come with the ups and downs of a good book a little easier. | Well-Read Women: A Reader’s Journal


Sometimes the perfect book club companion is one with paws. | Best Friend Book Lovers




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