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Pet Gifts for Animal Lovers and their Cuddly Counterparts

November 10, 2016


If you’re anything like us, your pets are pretty much part of the family. There’s nothing like the wags of joy you receive when you come home to your pup after a long day, or the purr of appreciation your cat gives in return for a simple scratch behind the ear. We can all learn something from the unconditional love our pets give us daily, and the holiday season is the perfect time to start spreading those warm, fuzzy feelings. Impress your fur-babies and your pet-obsessed friends with these irresistibly adorable finds.

Pup’s a constant companion? Keep Fido hydrated on-the-go. | Dog Bowl Water Bottle


Let’s be honest, cats are kinda into themselves. Let them take that self-love to the next level with this cat cave. | Meow Cat Cave


An affordable, pet-friendly Brooklyn space. If only it were human-sized. | Brooklyn Pet House


For the pet-lover who doesn’t pick sides in the age-old battle of Cats vs. Dogs. | Cat & Dog Mismatched Earrings


Kitties everywhere have been hinting at this gift for years. | Laptop Cat Scratching Pad


Scratches evokes endless compliments from fellow feline lovers. | Scratches the Cat Pendant


Patches will provide your pet-loving friend with an extra dose of cuteness when they need it most. | Patches the Pup Pendant


Mmm. Albacore in a cone. | Ice Cream Truck Pet House


Gift the snuggly sweetness of a cat-nap with this charming necklace. | Intertwined Felines Necklace


Now they can truly take that best feline friend or cherished canine companion anywhere. | Picture Your Pet Custom Tote Bag


These plush pillows will put the distinctive aspects of their favorite breed on full display. | Dog Blueprint Pillows


A hella dope DJ lives inside every cat. Set it free. | DJ Cat Scratching Pad


Now they can really stake their claim as the ultimate dog-lover. | Dog Lawn Stakes


Cat owners will get a kick out of this sculpture, which represents the “support” cats offer as we tap away on our laptops.  | Online Cat Support


NYT Cats Book | UncommonGoods

You’d be surprised how many felines have made headlines over the years. This collection of cat-centric New York Times articles is a coffee table staple for any animal lover.  | Cats of the Times


Thanks to the Turdlebag, pup lovers can appreciate a much more pleasant, far less stinky stroll.| Turdlebag


Whether furry, scaly, or feathered, pet friends of all kinds can now be admired in these tasteful, framed portraits. | Custom Pet Illustration



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