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Our Guide to 20th Anniversary Gifts: Three Cheers for China

August 14, 2017

Give us a two! Give us a zero! What’s that? Two-zero, otherwise known as 20! Congrats on making it through two decades of partnership, complete with highs and lows. How, according to tradition, should we celebrate your 20th anniversary? With gifts made from china, of course. We scoured the depths of UncommonGoods for our finest porcelain offerings, coming up with ten favorites that cover a good chunk of ground, from geometric serving sets to Zen-inspired decor. Read on for our top picks, plus one item featuring this year’s modern material, platinum.

Traditional: China

Appetizer Serving Set | UncommonGoods

Appetizer Serving Set | Buy Now $49.95 »

Made to accommodate apps of varying sizes, textures, and healthiness levels, this 13-piece set serves up a hefty helping of minimal, yet high-quality design. Perfect for your resident grazer, it also makes entertaining a breeze.


Porcelain Faux Bois Dishware Collection | UncommonGoods

Porcelain Faux Bois Dishware Collection | Buy Now $128 – $240 »

Handmade in Ohio, this subtly textured dishware collection sports a unique, balanced pattern achieved through wax resist and carving techniques, bringing serene echos of the outdoors in.


Secret Path Luminaire Lamp | UncommonGoods

Secret Path Luminaire Lamp | Buy Now $128 »

Speaking of the outdoors, this handcrafted lamp is made from four ever-so-slightly carved panels that conjure a warm forest scene when lit from within, making it a perfect gift for any sweetheart who appreciates a sunlit walk among the trees. Perhaps a 20th anniversary hike is in order, too?


Japanese Inspired Garden Bell | UncommonGoods

Japanese Inspired Garden Bell | Buy Now $44 »

Give your other half the gift of a moment of Zen courtesy of this porcelain bell handmade in Asheville, North Carolina; after twenty years together, it’s the least you can do.


Porcelain Lily Ring Holder | UncommonGoods

Porcelain Lily Ring Holder | Buy Now $38 »

Add a bit of color to your 20th year with this beautifully sculpted ring holder, a perfect place to plop your wedding band for safekeeping when your hands need getting dirty in the garden.


Envelope Wall Vase | UncommonGoods

Envelope Wall Vase | Buy Now $46 »

Whether hung on a wall or propped against a mirror on your vanity, this envelope-inspired vase will add a tiny touch of elegance to any room. Hand-stamped and glazed in a deep, dark blue, it’s the perfect size for a pair of 20th anniversary flowers, too.


Deco Porcelain Necklace | UncommonGoods

Deco Porcelain Necklace | Buy Now $98 »

If wearable porcelain’s more your honey’s thing, this striking geometric necklace is certainly one way to go. Equipped with a 14k gold-filled chain, its half moon pendant mixes lily white glaze with an eye-catching gilded finish.


Take Out Bowls | UncommonGoods

Take Out Bowls – Set of 2 | Buy Now $44.99 »

It wouldn’t be a UG gift guide without a borderline unnecessary pun, now would it? Behold this pair of porcelain take out bowls, which qualify as a year 20 gift on two fronts: First, well, they’re made out of porcelain; and second, they sure do remind us of China (or Chinese take out, anyway).


Pinch and Dash Salt and Pepper Shaker Set | UncommonGoods

Pinch and Dash Salt and Pepper Shaker Set | Buy Now $10 »

While we’re on a roll, why not give your sweetheart a hand with this pair of porcelain salt and pepper shakers? Thanks; we’ll be here all week.


Anchored in Love Bird Paperweight | UncommonGoods

Anchored in Love Bird Paperweight | By Now $60 »

On a more serious note, this touching paperweight sports two hand-carved birds perched atop a reclaimed steel chain, making it an elegant way to toast the impressive strength of your 20-year bond.


Modern: Platinum

Intersection of Love - Photo Print | UncommonGoods

 Intersection of Love – Photo Print with Platinum Frame | Buy Now $175 »

Ooh, platinum! Now we’re really getting fancy. This year, consider one of our specially formulated anniversary gifts, a one-of-a-kind print that features your last names and the dates you met and married housed in a platinum frame.


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