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15 Unique (and Super Adorable) Baby Shower Gifts

August 25, 2017

For the special mamas-to-be in your crew, no ordinary gift will do. So when the baby shower invite arrives, don’t just follow her registry — rock the cradle and give the expecting parents something unexpected! With our creative baby shower gift guide, finding unique presents for wee ones has never been easier or more adorable. Whether you wrap up a laugh-out-loud babysuit or a stuffed animal with panache (and a poncho!), let her know from the very start that you’re going to go the extra mile for her bundle of joy. Your friend is making a human, after all. The least you could do is make a clever gift choice.

Baby Mermaid Tail | UncommonGoods

Baby Mermaid Tail | Buy Now $30 »

Mermaid, merman… merbaby! Help Mom and Dad welcome their little guppy with a handmade, teeny-tiny tail blanket.


Taco Dreams Mobile | UncommonGoods

Taco Dreams Mobile | Buy Now $48 »

Let’s taco about the hottest gift around: Wee ones will feast their eyes on this cheery felt food mobile — until they take a siesta, that is.

Baby on the Way Scratch Calendar | UncommonGoods

Baby on the Way Scratch Calendar | Buy Now $20 »

Parents-to-be can count down the days to their bundle of joy’s arrival. Each scratch-off box includes a fun fact about baby’s development or an intriguing piece of infant trivia.


Ice Cream Baby | UncommonGoods

Ice Cream Baby | Buy Now $48 »

Almost cute enough to eat! Give your pal the ingredients to swaddle her munchkin in a double scoop of love: a waffle cone blanket with a rainbow-sprinkle hat as the cherry on top.


Unicorn Rattle | UncommonGoods

Unicorn Rattle | Buy Now $26.50 »

Playtime has never been so magical. A precious unicorn rattle will keep baby amused and open to wonder.


Indestructible Baby Book Set | UncommonGoods

Indestructible Baby Book Set | Buy Now $28 »

Rip-proof, chew-proof, and toxin-free (in case babes test the chew-proof promise!), these tiny tomes will stand up to the wear and tear of the toughest toddler. They can even go through the dishwasher!


Personalized Baby Photo Album | UncommonGoods

Personalized Baby Photo Album | Buy Now $60 »

Reward the parent who plans ahead. Gift them a photo album with their future son or daughter’s name laser-engraved on the handsome wooden cover.


 Sunday Stroll Wall Sculpture | UncommonGoods

Sunday Stroll Wall Sculpture | Buy Now $75 »

With this bronze shadowbox scene, giving the perfect present is a walk in the park.


Ultimate Diaper Bag | UncommonGoods

Ultimate Diaper Bag | Buy Now $169.95 »

There’s no situation Mom or Dad can’t baby-MacGyver their way out of with a diaper bag that includes everything from a changing mat to stroller hooks to a removable baby food jar compartment.


Time Capsule Letter Correspondence Kit | UncommonGoods

Time Capsule – Letter Correspondence Kit | Buy Now $45 »

Future perfect: Let parents impart their wisdom over the decades with a letter writing kit that marks a child’s biggest milestones, from pre-K to post-college.


Llama With Poncho Plush | UncommonGoods

Llama with Poncho Plush | Buy Now $30 »

All mamas will llove this llama. After all, who could resist an adorable plush creature in an alpaca poncho?!


I Still Live With My Parents Babysuit | UncommonGoods

I Still Live With My Parents Babysuit | Buy Now $20 »

Inspire a chuckle: Let the world know what a freeloader this tiny tyke really is.


Personalized Paper Airplane Throw | UncommonGoods

Personalized Paper Airplane Throw | Buy Now $80 »

On the wings of love! A child’s name takes flight on this sustainably-crafted cotton throw blanket.


Cocoa Butter Truffles Bathtub Soaks | UncommonGoods

Cocoa Butter Truffles Bathtub Soaks | Buy Now $32 »

Pregnant life isn’t like a box of chocolates — help her stress less with an indulgent set of truffle-shaped bath soaks made from cocoa butter, kaolin clay, and essential oils.


Notable Animals in Literature | UncommonGoods

Notable Animals in Literature | Buy Now $25 »

They’ll roar with delight: Lions and tigers and bears are just three of the three dozen (and one) animals from literature featured in this precocious print.

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  • Reply Noxor September 7, 2017 at 8:32 am

    That baby mermaid tail is very pretty and would be the ideal gift for my friend on her day. I was expecting see different colors but all I can see is green, do you have any other colors as well?

    • Reply Hadley September 7, 2017 at 2:16 pm

      Hi, Noxor! The mermaid tail only comes in one color, but there are a couple of other differently shaped and colored tails available on our site, too. You can check those out here.

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