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Introducing Sunny,
Your Expert Gift Guide

October 11, 2017

Meet Sunny. Released into the wild this week, we created this expert gift guide to make your search for the perfect present a much easier endeavor.

So, how exactly does Sunny improve your shopping experience? Well, instead of browsing across all of our categories, Sunny lets you search for your recipient’s interests all at once, giving you a personalized collection of gift ideas.

Let’s say you’re shopping for your mom, who loves animals and gardening. Sunny will show you items that fit these interests.

But Sunny’s magic doesn’t stop there—star your favorite suggestions, and Sunny will add more gift ideas to the list, based on what you prefer. The more items you star, the more personalized your suggestions get. Sunny does the hard work; all you need to do is scroll, star, and be wowed.

Ready for Sunny to do the heavy lifting for you? Start your gift giving journey below!

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