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Our Guide to Seventh Anniversary Gifts: Cool Copper and Welcoming Wool

July 27, 2017

The seventh anniversary, some may say, has a little something for everyone. With sturdy copper and fluffy wool both granted a spot on the traditional list for the year, lovers of shiny metals and soft stuff alike will be easy to please. Luckily, both wool and copper are versatile materials, finding their way into craft kits, decorative bowls, and comfy pillows alike, making it easy to find something to please every type of spouse, from do-it-yourself lovers to seasoned interior decorators. Meanwhile, devotees of the modern list will find it’s a great year to be a worker bee, with desk sets granted the coveted seventh spot. Read on for ten of our top traditional picks—five copper, five wool—plus a desk set that packs some serious personal punch.


Traditional: Copper and Wool


Sutter Creek Sculptural Bowl | UncommonGoods

Made from carefully melded bits of glass embellished with a layer of copper leaf, this upcycled bowl will make an elegant statement atop any table. | Sutter Creek Sculptural Bowl – $350

Copper Patina Ginkgo Wall Piece | UncommonGoods

Bring the outdoors in for your seventh year bash with Catherine Murphy’s gorgeous take on the ginkgo tree, complete with hand-painted patina. | Copper Patina Ginkgo Wall Piece – $145


Falling Leaves Copper and Silver Necklace | UncommonGoods

Handmade from impressions of real leaves, this mixed metals necklace highlights the beauty and subtlety of nature, making it a stylish, yet nuanced choice to celebrate your seventh anniversary. | Falling Leaves Copper and Silver Necklace – $55

Soapstone Stew Pot with Copper Handle | UncommonGoods

Cook up something especially good with this soapstone stew pot, handmade in Brazil and adorned with an eye-catching copper handle. | Soapstone Stew Pot with Copper Handle – $195

Cherry Pendulum Clock | UncommonGoods

Enjoy each swing of the pendulum at your sweetheart’s side with this two-tone cherry wood-and-copper clock, handmade (and hand-patinated) right here in New York. | Cherry Pendulum Clock – $160

Personalized Letterman Pillow | UncommonGoods

Made in Wisconsin, these customizable pillows look just like classic letterman jackets. Choose your colors, add your initials and anniversary year, and you’re set—just get cozy. Especially well-suited for high school sweethearts. | Personalized Letterman Pillow – $150-$175

Bluebird Pin Needle Felting Kit | UncommonGoods

Wed to a dedicated DIYer? This kit will guide your other half through the steps required to craft their own wearable bluebird from felted wool, a touching keepsake to celebrate your seventh anniversary. | Bluebird Pin Needle Felting Kit – $14

Cozy Throw | UncommonGoods

Cuddling up together could be even better with this truth-telling throw that asserts you’re “much more cozy” in its grip. | Cozy Throw – $145Pop the Champagne Pillow | UncommonGoods

Give a toast to your seventh year with this lovingly handcrafted pillow in the shape of a bottle of champs. Knit from 100% baby alpaca wool, it’s super soft—and hypoallergenic to boot. | Pop the Champagne Pillow – $80

Spread the Love Rug | UncommonGoods

Make a loving statement in the comfort of your home with this bold, colorful woolen rug, hand-loomed in Peru (and primed for a place in your hallway). | Spread the Love Rug – $260

Modern: Desk Sets

Custom Map and Pen Desk Set | UncommonGoods

If you’re feeling modern, consider adding a touch of the personal to your honey’s desktop with a pen holder whose base commemorates the coordinates of your choice. | Custom Map and Pen Desk Set – $65

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  • Reply Marie Sherwood August 1, 2017 at 10:29 am

    Hi. i have Ben
    I have been married 44 years next May. Do you have any ideas for that year? Please include some more
    Ideas. Thank you. Love your catalog!!

    Hi I have been marriedmarried

    • Reply Hadley August 1, 2017 at 1:45 pm

      Hi, Marie! The traditional list doesn’t cover your 44th anniversary, but the modern list suggests buying groceries, funnily enough. We do carry quite a few edible items, which you can see here — maybe something like a special set of spices or preserves would do the trick?

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