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Our Guide to Sixth Anniversary Gifts: An Ironclad Bond… That’s Sweet as Candy

July 24, 2017

Traditional sixth anniversary gift-givers will be relieved to discover that they have two materials to choose from this time around, and the pair couldn’t be more opposed if it tried. Your options? Candy… and iron. How the two came to coexist as traditional sixth anniversary gifts, we may never know, but it’s our duty to report on them, and so we’ve amassed ten suggestions to fill the void—five that incorporate sugary treats, and five our favorite heavy metal, plus, of course, one modern gift, a reprise of our most recent post in wood.


Traditional: Candy and Iron

Hand Forged Keychain Bottle Opener - UncommonGoods

Forged in South Dakota from reclaimed iron, this rustic handmade keychain doubles as a bottle opener for on-the-go brews. Like your relationship, this token of love will change over time, developing a complex, welcoming patina with every tender touch.

Hand Forged Keychain Bottle Opener – $26Buy Here »



Spirit Candles - UncommonGoods

These candles melt down to reveal your choice of three cast iron sculptures, ensuring that your gift, though at first glance ephemeral, will be remembered forever.

Spirit Candles – $30Buy Here »



Magnetic Sand Hourglass - UncommonGoods

Count the minutes as you count your years together with this desktop-ready hourglass filled with magnetic sand and settled snugly in a beech wood base.

Magnetic Sand Hourglass – $18Buy Here »



Cast Iron Cooking Set - UncommonGoods

Did you hitch your wagon to a skilled home chef? Nurture their talent with this cast iron pot and skillet duo that comes complete with reclaimed wood trivet, seasoning paste, and steel wool scrubber.

Cast Iron Cooking Set – $106-180Buy Here »



One Heart Candle Holder - UncommonGoods

Crafted by hand, this cast iron candelabra weaves a heart into its two distinct branches, symbolizing the love that cements your union.

One Heart Candle Holder – $110Buy Here »



Decadent Chocolate Bar Quartet - UncommonGoods

This suite of four gourmet chocolate bars incorporates chef-grade ingredients like fleur de sel caramel, organic cream, and high quality 66% dark chocolate. Mmm, tasty.

Decadent Chocolate Bar Quartet – $34Buy Here »



Boozy Caramels - UncommonGoods

This caramel trio upgrades a childhood favorite with a bit of an adult touch, as absinthe- and whiskey-flavored treats mingle with a third option incorporating—yet again!—fleur de sel.

Boozy Caramels – Set of 3 – $36Buy Here »



Craft Chocolate Inclusion Bars - UncommonGoods

These tasty small-batch chocolate bars are remarkable both for their flavor and for their creators’ social consciousness. Each batch of cacao they use is ethically sourced from sustainable farmers and delivered to their foundry in Phoenix, AZ, where flavor magic happens.

Craft Chocolate Inclusion Bars – $35Buy Here »



New York Honey & Whiskey Truffles - UncommonGoods

More boozy candy? Hey, why not. These New York-made truffles are crafted in batches infused with one of two home-grown ingredients: dark, mid-autumn-harvested honey or late-summer honey whiskey. Neither sounds half bad right about now.

New York Honey & Whiskey Truffles – $45Buy Here »



If our other chocolaty offerings haven’t tickled your fancy just yet, have a look at this set of five Italian-made bars infused with enticing natural flavors, like banana, chili, and pink peppercorn. (Not in the same bar, though; don’t worry.)

Infused Italian Chocolate Flight – $35Buy Here »



Modern: Wood

Wood Stem Champagne Flutes - UncommonGoods

Didn’t we just talk about wood? Sure did, but for all you modern gift-givers, it comes into play one year further down the line. For your sixth anniversary, we recommend this pair of wood stem champagne flutes, the perfect tool for toasting your partner.

Wood Stem Champagne Flutes – Set of 2 – $100Buy Here »


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