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August 13, 2011

Our first ever Uncommon Jewelry Challenge is underway, and we’ve received some outstanding entries so far. Although our current contest is only open to jewelry design, we’re always looking for great new product ideas and invite emerging designers to submit their work through our product submission app.

We love hearing that artists are excited about creating and sharing their work, so we couldn’t wait to feature Gregory Zeorlin’s guest post.

Gregory has spent over 25 years exhibiting his work, teaching and presenting lectures in museums and schools across the country. He believes art is a catalyst for conversation. Here, he provides a bit of insight into his own artistic process. We hope Gregory’s words of wisdom inspire aspiring designers and encourage artists like you!

I’ve been exhibiting art and keeping a studio for over 25 years. I’ve worked in a variety of ways during this time and call myself a “mixed media artist” when I have to apply a label to what I do. But I take many liberties under the category of mixed media artist and have made large sculptures (up to 30 feet wide), as well as art that fit inside my shirt pocket. I’ve used metal, clay, wood, paint, found objects, stone, dirt, ash, digital imagery and written poetry to make my ideas. I work both in 3-D and 2-D and mix these two ways of thinking together.

Making art, as well as viewing it, expands our understanding of the world. I am challenged and invigorated when I see artwork that is foreign to my way of thinking. Art in the broadest terms…from music, theater, opera, visual art and writing all become opportunities to encounter a world that is both familiar and foreign.

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How to make an outdoor trestle table

May 16, 2011

Weather forecasters and ice cream trucks might tip us off to summer’s start–but we all know the season hasn’t really begun until you’ve fired up the grill. In the spirit of packed coolers and good company, we’re kicking off the Ultimate BBQ Giveaway with our friends at Fresh Home magazine, where we’ll serve seconds (and thirds!) of outdoor tools worth over $1200–everything you’ll need to keep the grill hot, and your guests cool. Find out how to enter here.

But before you invite all your neighbors over for a backyard BBQ, Fresh Home magazine has this great guide to build an outdoor table using leftover building materials you might have lying around your garage.

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Maker Stories

Mother’s Day Gift: Retro-inspired Garden Art

May 5, 2011

Whether Mom loves gardening, has an impeccable yard filled with great decorations or just loves colorful art, Reclaimed Record Pinwheels make a great Mother’s Day gift. And if Mom’s a music lover, well that’s an added bonus!

Since she began painting in 1994, artist Christine Claringbold has embraced the use of reclaimed and recycled materials in her work. Her reclaimed record mandalas, the basis of these pinwheels, are now her signature design.

Christine took a break from painting her vibrant mandalas to tell us more about her process.

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