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The Green Mrs. Clean

June 27, 2010

Between vacations, visitors, cookouts, pets and sandy beach shoes, our homes have a way of getting really dirty when it’s warm outside. I’m the kind of person that puts things off until my apartment looks like it might be condemned and then I go on a cleaning spree! My old routine: spray everything down with multi-purpose cleaner, a dash of bleach and a pinch of comet. I would hold my breath and hope for the best.



These days I realize that’s pretty dangerous…not only for me, but for everyone (and thing) around me. By using non-toxic, or even all-natural cleaning products, I seem to get the same results just without the deathly smell and with a little more elbow grease.  There are some money-saving, simple ideas on green ways to clean your home on Care2. From plants to types of water, this information will be a huge help come chore time!

The Uncommon Life

Don’t Forget The Sunscreen!

June 23, 2010

After years of being a tan-a-rexic where I sunbathed religiously in the summer and jumped in a tanning bed in the winter, I realized I was looking more haggard than goddess. Since the day my dermatologist showed me how bad the damage was, I’ve turned into a sunscreen worshiper.


 The higher the SPF — the better! And since I constantly preach to everyone I know about the dangers of the sun, I might as well preach to people I don’t know (all you lovely readers) as well! So here they are: the best of the best in sun care starting with my personal favorite La Roche-Posay. Continue Reading…

The Uncommon Life

SproutRobot: Your Gardening Reminder

June 22, 2010



Wanna be a garderner but your busy life seems to always get in the way? Get seeds delivered to your door and friendly reminders of when to plant and what to do! Thanks to San Diego-based SproutRobot, you just need to enter your ZIP code and the site will send you a personalized planting calendar for your area based on historical weather data.

The seed service starts at $19.99/year or you can receive the updates 100% free of charge! The site currently only serves US customers but hopes to expand soon. Visit SproutRobot today and spread the news!

The Uncommon Life

Alfresco Dining: Pistachio Pasta

June 21, 2010

I chose this dish because the recipe was only three sentences long. Hello, easy!  Best of all, my guests raved about the unique combination of ingredients and fresh basil taste.



What You Need:

3/4 cup basic basil pesto, room temperature

1 cup shelled pistachio nuts

1/2 cup chopped fresh basil

12 ounces fettucine (or your favorite pasta), cooked al dente and drained

What You Do:

In a large bowl, combine pesto, pistachios, basil and turkey. Add hot pasta and toss. Garnish with whole basil leaves and enjoy outdoors!

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The Gnome-Be-Gone Family

June 21, 2010

Four years ago I was at my boyfriend Tyler’s graduation party and saw two freaky creatures peeking out from behind the pool and carrying away a gnome.  They were attention grabbers to say the least.


The clan continued to grow over the years (thanks to Tyler’s brother Josh who bought them every year for his mother). And in time I learned where those gnome-carriers came from, found them endearing and was dying to work for UncommonGoods.

While at UG, I got to know more about the Utah-based artist Fred Conlon and saw tons of his new and quirky products come to life.  Fred’s latest addtion, Mow-Bot, is now gracing the cover of the current catalog. While I love the cute  metal robot, my heart belongs to those initial little goblins that got so many people to become repeat customers and lifelong fans of the company that is anything but ordinary.