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Vintage Stamp Money Clips

July 28, 2011

Michelle said: “I would have a hard time deciding which to buy!”

Our product development team is at it again and they just added their latest creation to our community voting app.

Each Vintage Stamp Money Clip features an actual United States postage stamp and a quote from the stamp’s star. Ben Franklin’s famous line: “A penny saved is a penny earned” complements an authentic used 1-cent stamp, while Harry Truman’s motto: “The buck stops here” is engraved next to a mint Truman commemorative stamp.

Would you let President Truman hold your bucks? Or, would you rather carry your cash with Mr. Frankin’s words of wisdom as a fiscal guide? Share your feedback in our community voting app and tell our product developers which clip is right on the money!


Leaning Ladies

July 27, 2011

Elizabeth said: “Really attractive–I would buy this for certain!”

Jessica said: “Love them. I’d buy them for my bookshelf right now.”

Do you agree with these ladies on the Leaning Ladies Bookends? Inspired by art deco and retro-classic forms, these bookends are both elegant and durable. If you’d like to see the leaning ladies in our assortment, visit our community voting app and cast your vote!


We’ve Got Mail!

July 26, 2011

Mail Case

Pam said: “very cool look… love the concept and the protective lining… especially LOVE the machine wash part!”

Mail Tote

Jen said: “Of course you can find less expensive bags out there, but if your less expensive bags are anything like the ones I’ve purchased, they wear out pretty quickly. Mail bags are known for lasting for ages. I think this is an awesome bag!”

These sturdy bags are handmade from actual repurposed mail sacks. Would you rather carry the iPad Case, the Tote or both? You don’t have to send us a letter to let us know–just stop by our community voting app, cast your votes and leave your comments.


You Choose…

July 25, 2011

Packed with over 200 choices, the Vs. Journal lets you pick your favorites, then analyzes what your choices say about you. Each page features illustrations depicting the choice (for example, Fork Vs. Spoon), what each choice means (quiz style–upside down on the bottom of the page) and space for you to contemplate what you’ve just discovered.

Before this journal of choices enters our lineup, we need you to make a choice in the battle of thumbs up Vs. thumbs down in our community voting app!


String Finger

July 24, 2011

Guitar String RingHand-twisted by California artist Christopher Stiles, these Guitar String Rings are made from actual guitar strings. The artist sources the upcycled strings from music stores and guitar shops in his neighborhood. After twisting the strings and fashioning the bows (a play on tying a string around your finger), he caps the tips with sterling silver-plated beads.

Would you give this ring to a musician or music lover as a reminder that you care? If you want to see this product in our assortment, visit our community voting app and let us know!

Need a gift for the guitarist in your life now? Check out the Guitar String Bracelet, Sterling Silver Guitar Pick Necklace and our new community approved Ridged Glass Guitar Picks.