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Chop, Slice, Dash & Dice

July 31, 2011

Kylene said: “This is an adorable idea…this coming from someone who is definitely OCD! I love it.”

This beechwood cutting board is precisely marked to make sure your ingredients are cut to just the right proportions. You may not know the difference between a pinch and a dash off the top of your head, but thanks to this brilliant board, you won’t have to let that stop you from creating your next culinary masterpiece.

Do you agree with Kylene? If you can’t wait to start chopping pristine pieces of celery, mincing garlic to perfection and dicing onions like a pro, visit our community voting app and tell us you love the OCD Cutting Board.


Framed Felines

July 28, 2011

Last year, we introduced our dog blueprints. They were an instant hit, and we were thrilled when we started hearing from you about the breeds we should add to the collection. Thanks to feedback from you loyal pooch owners, we now offer dozens of dog blueprint breeds.

Of course, it wasn’t long before cat lovers started speaking up. We received calls, chats and emails from these feline fans, and we listened! This message from Trisha let’s us know we made the right choice:

“As soon as I received the [email] blast today I exclaimed ‘The day has come!!’ as I was very excited to see you now feature cat blueprints. I have passed around the dog blueprint link to all of my co-workers, who are architects by trade and pedigree-dog lovers by choice. They look forward to these random emails and products from me. Personally, I have a love for cats, since I don’t have space for a dog! Please keep me posted if you ever add BENGAL cats to your selection for cat blueprints. I would love love love love to have one and I know they are a hot breed so I’m sure you’d get plenty of response! I’d send a link to my breeder for sure! At the very least, I’m pleased to know that it’ll be considered whereas before I was certain you’d only highlight man’s best friend.”

Our buyers have added Bengal cats to the list of potentials new Cat Blueprints. We’re starting out with Persian, Himalayan, American Shorthair, Devon Rex, Maine Coon, Sphynx and Siamese. What feline friend would you love to see us add to our lineup?


Vintage Stamp Money Clips

July 28, 2011

Michelle said: “I would have a hard time deciding which to buy!”

Our product development team is at it again and they just added their latest creation to our community voting app.

Each Vintage Stamp Money Clip features an actual United States postage stamp and a quote from the stamp’s star. Ben Franklin’s famous line: “A penny saved is a penny earned” complements an authentic used 1-cent stamp, while Harry Truman’s motto: “The buck stops here” is engraved next to a mint Truman commemorative stamp.

Would you let President Truman hold your bucks? Or, would you rather carry your cash with Mr. Frankin’s words of wisdom as a fiscal guide? Share your feedback in our community voting app and tell our product developers which clip is right on the money!


Leaning Ladies

July 27, 2011

Elizabeth said: “Really attractive–I would buy this for certain!”

Jessica said: “Love them. I’d buy them for my bookshelf right now.”

Do you agree with these ladies on the Leaning Ladies Bookends? Inspired by art deco and retro-classic forms, these bookends are both elegant and durable. If you’d like to see the leaning ladies in our assortment, visit our community voting app and cast your vote!