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Friday Giveaway: Fall Accessories

September 3, 2010

ETA Tues 10:35 AM: Congrats to Mandy who told us, “I’m spending a few days with mom then hopefully heading to Kingsland, GA for the catfish festival!” She’s the winner of the sari scarf.

And Deanne Ross: “Oktoberfesting & heading to the shore this Labor Day weekend!” She’s won a bike tread belt and letter press money clip.

Hope everyone had great holiday weekends! Stay tuned for future giveaways by subscribing to the Goods via RSS.

Is it already Labor Day weekend?  On Wednesday, an NYC transit operator reminded folks in my subway car that there were still 22 days of summer left, but it’s hard to not be thinking about the start of fall, especially with Hurricane Earl set to bring all this rainy weather.

So this week we’re giving away two separate gifts that are perfect accessories for the changing seasons.

The sari scarf ($45) comes in cinnamon or turquoise/lavender and is perfect for that time of year when it gets a bit chilly in the early mornings and late nights, but it still feels like summer during the day. Upcycled from vintage saris in India, this gorgeous scarf is a patchwork of rich, warm-colored pieces of luxurious silk.

And we’re also giving away a set of a bike tread belt, handmade in Portland, Oregon from recycled rubber road or hybrid bicycle tires, and a letter press money clip, handmade in Seattle and inspired by antique letterpress publishing. Both are great items to take out of town on your last long weekend of the summer,  or for Tuesday morning when you’re back at work.

Leave a comment below to enter, and let us know what you’re doing for Labor Day weekend.  Then triple your chances to win by tweeting and leaving a comment on our Facebook wall.

We’ll announce two random winners on Monday morning.  Feel free to let us know which giveaway prize you’d prefer– we’ll try to take it into account!

Happy Friday!

ETA 2:11 PM: Whoops! I forgot that we have Monday off. How about you all get an extra day to enter, and I’ll announce the winners on Tuesday!

Gift Guides

UncommonGoods goes back to school!

August 17, 2010
A touch of class

A is for Art Class.

B is for Back to School Socks.

C is for Chalkboard Pillows.

D is for Delicious Lunches.

E is for Eraser Rings.

F is for First-day Fashions.

G is for Geology.

H is for History Class.

I is for “I will not watch the clock, I will not watch the clock.”

J is for Jamming in the hallways.

K is for Kicking it after class.

L is for Laptop Slings.

M is for Math Class.

N is for Nerds!

O is for Organization.

P is for Pebble Erasers.

Q is for Quite possibly the most perfect scarf for fall.

R is for Recess!

S is for Scented Pens.

T is for the Table of Elements.

U is for an Uncommon Pencil Bag

V is for Venting.

W is for Wall decals for the dorm.

X is for X-pressing yourself.

Y is for “Young and in love.”

Z is for Zebra-striped school supplies.

Gift Guides

The Good, the Bad and the Cozy

August 2, 2010

Because it’s Monday…and Monday is always a rough day, here’s a little something to get your week started off on the right foot:)

triplets in boots

Babies in cowboy boot socks! You might recognize this triple threat of adorableness from a previous post of them wearing sock monkey slippers. Perhaps they have a future in footwear modeling?

Do you have a super-cute pic of your baby or child wearing something from UncommonGoods? Send it to and we’ll put it up on The Goods!

Gift Guides

Roman Holiday

July 26, 2010
Fern Leaf Hair Comb

Quick! If you could live in any ancient era which would you pick?

For me: Ancient Rome. Hands down. Or at least the ancient Rome from Gladiator. Swoon. Oh, how I loved seeing Connie Nielsen’s elaborate jewelry and headbands; the layers and layers of shimmering, sumptuous fabrics framed by elegant stoles and capes; gold thread, embellishments and jewels clinging to everything she wore. And Russel Crowe wasn’t too bad to look at either;)

When this fern leaf hair comb by artist Emily Elizabeth came into the office, Continue Reading…

Gift Guides

Wrapper’s Delight Debuts!

July 21, 2010

I’m excited to introduce a new feature to the blog: Wrapper’s Delight! Wrapper’s Delight will focus on creative gift wrapping ideas and techniques from both UG employees, and, hopefully, from our customers as well! If you would like to submit your own ideas for Wrapper’s Delight please email us at with photos and instructions for your idea. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

And to kick things off, here’s a post from our very own wrap star/graphic designer – Jessica!

Wrapping Odd-Shaped Gifts

I just couldn’t resist buying Uncommon Good’s Tickle Monster Laughter Kit and the Dino Doll for my friend’s son’s first birthday. The Tickle Kit is sold in an easy to wrap, sturdy box. But the Dino Doll was just his big, green, bulbous self.  How would I ever conceal him from from the other children during this outdoor garden party?

Dino Doll and Tickle Monster

It doesn’t help that I waited until 30 minutes before Continue Reading…

Gift Guides

Do not lick your computer screen

July 20, 2010

It’s about this time every summer, when I feel like I’m no longer living on Earth but on the surface of the sun, that I switch over to a diet consisting mainly of ice cream, iced tea, sherbet, sorbet, watermelon, berries and the occasional piece of icebox pie.  All of these are usually consumed while sitting in front of a fan/air conditioner: a true triumph of heat-induced laziness.

And so, in honor of sugar comas and ice cream headaches, this week is all about sweet summer treats! Below are some of my favorite ways to serve summer drinks and desserts.  And for the rest of the week, we will be posting yummy dessert and drink recipes, including raspberry lime pie, sunshine cupcakes and the perfect mojito. What are your favorite summer desserts and drinks? Share with us below!

Sweet Treats for Summer

From top left: Tweet Tweet Cupcake Set, $12.  Ice Cream Bowls, $36. Old-fashioned lemonade crock, $135. V’reens dessert and appetizer tray, $50. Cupcake corer and decorating set, $20. Pittoon Platter, $45. Glass Ice Cream Bowls, $30.

Gift Guides

Three Little Monkeys

July 6, 2010

Sock Monkey Slippers

Oh. My. Cuteness.

I realize that now might not be the most relevant time to be posting about slippers…considering that it is 1000 degrees outside, but I couldn’t resist sharing this adorable photo of my cousin’s new babies (yes, triplets!) wearing the baby sock monkey slippers I gave them:)

And not to be outdone, here is the family dog, Larry, modeling the slippers as well. So cute!

Sock Monkey Slippers

Gift Guides

Gift Analysis: The Couple-To-Be

July 2, 2010

I am 27 years-old, which means pretty much everyone I know  is getting married! While I usually don’t stray off a couple’s registry – I have recently been making an exception and buying a little pre-wedding gift for couples-to-be.

Since the moment it came into the office, I have been absolutely head over heels in love with the ring bearer bowl, a really cool alternative to the traditional ring bearer pillow.

Ring Bearer Bowl

I really love being able to give the people in my life a gift that is truly meaningful and special (no offense crock pots!), but I usually struggle with finding keepsake items that are modern and tasteful. This handmade ceramic dish is simple and subtle, but packs so much emotion because it not only holds your rings, but it also holds all those memories of your special day. And the engraving “to have and to hold” is a sweet and powerful reminder of the promise two people make to each other.

So far, I have bought one ring bearer bowl for my friend Keely, who uses it everyday as a ring dish, and one for my friend Katie, who wants to use it in her wedding and then pass it around our group of friends, so that we each can use it in our own weddings. I also plan to get one for my older sister,  and it will be up to her whether she keeps it as a ring dish, puts it on display (maybe next to her wedding photos) or passes it on to my other sister and I, making it a family heirloom.

And there’s one more great, great thing about the ring bearer bowl – it’s only $38! An affordable piece of art and a potential heirloom? That’s a commitment I am more than happy to make:)

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