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Happy Tax Day!

April 15, 2011

Traditionally, tax day is April 15. Fortunately for those procrastinators out there, this year the IRS is giving us an extra weekend to prepare.

Since Emancipation Day falls on a Saturday this year, the holiday is being recognized today, April 15. That means that April 15 is a holiday, and tax day cannot fall on a holiday or weekend, according to Wallet Pop.

All of this tax talk has us thinking fiscally, so we’re sharing a few of our favorite ways to carry cash, cards and coins.

Double Your Money Clip

Double Your Money Clip

So true!

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Introducing the Blunt Umbrella

April 12, 2011

Our brand new blunt umbrella is the last umbrella you’ll ever need. Designed with rounded edges that eliminate sharp run-ins with passersby and a radial tension system that makes for easy handling in strong weather, this high-tech umbrella helps you take on rainy days with grace.

But you can see for yourself. (Warning: Turn down the volume. It was windy out there!):

I went out in an afternoon shower on the windiest pier I could find, just to make sure the blunt umbrella lives up to the hype. And as you can see, it does.

Want to hear what I was saying? Here I am, testing out the blunt umbrella before the storm really picked up:

If you ever had any doubts about how much we at UncommonGoods love our customers, know this. We don’t hesitate to run out into rainstorms to make sure you have the best possible rain accessories!

Gift Guides

Rockin’ Recycled Gift Idea

April 5, 2011

Earth Month is a special time of year here at UncommonGoods, and we’re celebrating all month long with special blog posts on sustainability and profiles of UG artists that are doing their part for the planet. We’re also giving away Earth friendly products all month long!

Don’t forget to check out our profile of recycled glass artists Vawn and Mike Gray and enter for your chance to win a Recycled Glass Night Light—but if you need a really cool, inexpensive, recycled gift now, take a look at these great handmade Guitar String Bracelets, designed by Hannah Garrison and Steve Bernstein!

Hannah began crafting bracelets made from used guitar strings for musician friends and their families. When she saw Steve’s Craigslist add reading: “Do you have any ideas for interesting products made with guitar strings?” Hannah knew she was on to something. Now, the team makes recycled guitar string bracelets in five colors, works with big name musicians to create special bracelets for charity and runs an eco-friendly business.

Hannah even sent us a list of Earth Month reminders of how to stay green while living like a rock star. Her list includes:

      -Carpool to the next concert.


      -Get energy efficient speakers, you’ll use less electricity


      (and save money on your electric bill).


      -Play acoustic when you’re practicing or working on new material. “You’ll conserve energy and also hear some cool nuances that you might have otherwise missed.”


      -Use a chalkboard or marker board when writing out song lyrics or set lists.


    -Listen to a song that reminds you to help save the planet.

Are you a guitarist? Do you know someone who is? Your old guitar strings can end up in a bracelet, too! Just send them to:

Wear Your Music
112 Main Street,
Woonsocket, RI 02895

Do you play an instrument or practice another form of art? We want to know how you stay green while sharing your talent! And don’t forget to check back often for more recycled gift ideas and the next Earth Month giveaway!

Gift Guides

A Great Gift-Giving Story

March 22, 2011

Ever read the Gift of the Magi? I think we all aspire to go that extra mile and find that one truly meaningful gift for the friends and family we love.

Last month we asked you to share your stories of the gifts and gift-givers that made a difference in your life. And one story, from a gift-giver herself, touched our hearts:

Judith said:

My husband is almost in remission with metastatic prostate cancer. We treasure each day we have, so I got him the past present future watch. He loves it and it reminds us to live today in the present, what past is gone, and the future is still to be.

Judith, thanks for sharing your story with us.

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Remake, Renovate, Redecorate

March 1, 2011

These are the three R’s of springtime. After a long winter, who doesn’t want a new look for their home? We just showed you some great ways to liven up your bathroom, but we’re not stopping there.

What’s next on our redecorating spree?

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Prizewinning Pets

February 28, 2011

More than 100 UncommonGoods customers shared their best photos, videos and stories with us during the last week, and we sure had a hard time picking our favorites. But here they are, the prize-winning pets.

First Prize:


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Award Season Isn’t Over Yet

February 28, 2011

Don’t roll up the red carpet yet. Congratulations to Colin Firth, Natalie Portman, and the casts and crews of 2010’s best movies. But awards season isn’t over.

This year UncommonGoods wants to shine a spotlight on America’s favorite gifts and gift-givers. And we need your help!

Nominate your favorite gift by liking it, or submitting a product review for an item you recently purchased.

And nominate your favorite gift-giver by telling us about him or her in the comments below. Every year we get gifts from family, friends and coworkers. And a few we remember and cherish for years to come.

You know what we’re talking about– that keepsake memento, that small gift that cheered you up when you needed it most, or the special gift that reminded you how much you’re loved. Let us know about the person who made a difference in your life, and say thank you in the best way possible.

We’ll be offering prizes for the best gift-givers of 2010, so make sure you nominate your favorite friends and family members today. And check back in a few weeks, to see the winners.

Gift Guides

Our Best Friends: Photo Contest

February 21, 2011

This week, we’re celebrating our favorite pets. Whether you (like me) gaze longingly into the window of every pet store and stop at pet adoption fair you pass, or you already have a beloved pet in your family, I’m betting you have a great collections of photos, videos and stories to share.

Jessica, our graphic designer, shared this pic of her dog Jingles (L) with Madison (R).

So this week, you can share them with the UncommonGoods community by joining our group on Flickr, posting to our Facebook wall, tweeting @uncommongoods, or leaving a comment below.

We’ve got some pet-friendly gifts to give away, and if your pet is posing with a pet-friendly gift from UncommonGoods, we just might add your pet’s photo or video to our website!

We’ll announce our winner(s) next week.

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