This Just In: Screwball

August 25, 2011

Renee said: “Love it! I already have the “f” bomb! So clever.

Breen said: “it’s quirky – which keeps it is line with uncommon goods point of view…”

Handmade by long-time UncommonGoods artist Fred Conlon, the Screwball is one part pun and one part paperweight. Thanks to votes from our community, this wacky weight is now in our lineup. If you want to weigh in on more potential products, visit our community voting app!


Open Up

August 24, 2011

Ann said: “Another exceptional handcrafted item – very unique and a great gift choice!”

Made from repurposed railroad spikes and driftwood, this letter opener could make a great gift for someone with a sharp sense of style. Do you agree with Ann that this iron accessory is exceptional? Visit our voting app to tell us what you think!

The Uncommon Life

Say What? Wedding Bells

August 23, 2011

Copywriter Nina Mozes offers sage advice on the most important of topics: what to write in that greeting card?

Chances are you’ve yet again spent too much money on an item that the happy couple pre-selected for themselves on their registry (unless of course you got something super duper cool and different from us!).

Why not save up a couple bucks and add your own personal touch with a card written just by you?

Here’s what you need to keep in mind for a wedding card:

1. Use words of encouragement.
2. No matter how much you’re dreading this wedding, the bride and groom are dreading it more.

So tell them something nice they can believe. Here are a few ideas:

Congratulations! You guys are so cute, you’ll have adorable kids. Just wait a few years to be sure it sticks, k?

You two are so cool. Relax, we all have in-laws from hell.
Wishing you good health and happiness, or at least good health.

And there are always famous words:

Gandhi: “I first learned the concepts of non-violence in my marriage.”

John Lennon: “All you need is love.”
(And money and sex and – yep, that’s about it.)

Albert Einstein: “Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.”
(It is however responsible for people falling over dead. So don’t kill each other.)

Personally, I like to quote the wise words of comedian Myq Kaplan:
“Fifty percent of marriages in this country end in divorce. That’s one out of every two people. So, it’s either going to be you or your wife.”

Attach your snappy words to a classy gift:

Customizable Wedding Announcement Art Personalized Heart Anniversary Plate Card & gift in one:
Custom Message Grid Art

Comments of the Week

August 22, 2011

Each week we see more and more feedback on the newest goods in our voting app. Here are our favorite comments from last week:

Ciara knows what she likes, and she’s a strong supporter of the Zip Tie Ring, a handmade sterling silver ring modeled after a classic zip tie.

But Elena’s not so sure she approves of our morals, especially after we asked your opinion of the Compass Rose Flask Set.

And Amanda has some great tips for using the Bread Warmer to keep your brown sugar soft. (Leaving me with the Rolling Stones’ Brown Sugar stuck in my head all day.)

Want to see what everyone else is saying? Check out what’s new, including the stone drink dispenser, heart ornament, and railroad spike letter opener.

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Gift Lab: Lojo Ball Chair

August 19, 2011

1) Product Name: LOJO BALL CHAIR

2) Background Research:

Currently my daughter’s room is set up with her bed and a child size table with two chairs. The chairs are not very comfortable, as they are hard plastic. I wanted to buy her an inexpensive chair that was comfortable as well as fun.

3) Hypothesis:

To successfully set up the Lojo Ball Chair in Shyanne’s room, so she can have a comfortable place to sit while she reads or plays her video games.

4) The Experiment:

The Lojo Chair comes in its very own carry bag along with instructions and a hand pump. It’s also very light, so you do not have to worry about lugging a heavy item around with you if you choose to travel with it. It took about 1-2 minutes to fill each side up with air. The chair can be used in both the open and closed position.

Shyanne loves to use it in the closed position because she likes to roll it around and play on it.

The seat portion is very comfortable (it has a removable bean pillow btw) and the ball actually supports your back, which I was skeptical about.

5) Results:

I would definitely recommend the Lojo Ball Chair to anyone who has kids. It’s a great fun alternative to a boring regular chair. It’s also great for adults, I tried it out myself and it’s actually very supportive.

6) Conclusion:
I’m soooooo going to get one for myself!

The Lojo Ball Chair is available for $45 and available in orange or blue.

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Top 10 Gifts for Music Lovers

August 18, 2011

Looking to celebrate the music lovers in your life?  Shuffle through UncommonGoods Top 10 gifts for music lovers, and check out our picks for some late summer songs that will get you singing along!

Created with flickr slideshow.
Cool Jazz Ice Stirrers bring together two things every party needs: music and drinks!  Fill the tray with water before your party for a fun way to keep cool, or mix it up and use the set to make your own popsicles.

The Portable Balloon Speaker is an attractive and easy way to share music from an mp3 player or your mobile device’s headphone jack more effectively than loudspeakers alone would.

Designed by Hannah Garrision & Steve Bernstein, the Guitar String Bracelet is handmade from guitar strings.  Bracelets are sold individually and come in five different colors.

Artist Jeff Davis turns classic LPs into functional and unique Record Bowls.  Whether your favorite genre’s hip-hop or jazz, the bowls come in a variety of styles so we’ve got you covered.

Or, if you have a record of your own you’d like to have made into a bowl, just mail Jeff the record and he’ll create a truly one-of-a-kind Custom Record Bowl.

Our Mechanical Music Box Set puts a new spin on the old-fashioned music box: included are three strips of paper, a hole puncher, and instructions for creating your very own tunes to crank through the instrument.  The set is perfect for budding musicians or seasoned professionals, and comes with a sheet of the Happy Birthday song pre-punched.

Exclusive to UncommonGoods, the Glass Guitar Picks are handmade in Hawaii and available in three colors.

UncommonGoods artist Jeff Davis makes Record Cuff Bracelets from recycled records.  The bracelets, like Jeff’s record bowls, are handmade in Pennsylvania.

Getting ready to go back to school will be infinitely more fun with a pair of Drumstick Pencils in hand that do that classic double duty: business in the front and a party in the back!

Speaking of parties, the Geneva Sound System will have you geared up and ready to go the next time guests are over.  Winner of the  Consumer Products Award by I.D. International Design Magazine in 2010, the speakers are a beautiful way to amplify your tunes.

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This Just In: Hold-Me-Tight Pillows

August 17, 2011

Molly said: “Love it…its a nice way to send my niece a long-distance hug.”

An anonymous voter said: “That’s adorable, though I think the crying one’s a little depressed. It appears to have the same comforting factors as a blankie, but it can’t rip and gather dirt by being dragged. Plus you can hug and sleep on it–very cute.”

MaryKay said: “These are so cute. Grandkids will love them.”

Our voters loved that these hand-loomed pillows are made with super-soft 100% pima cotton yarn, hand-loomed, and colorful. These squeezable companions have special arm-shaped handles, so little ones can hold them tight when a big hug’s in order.

If you enjoy reading comments from voting app users like MaryKay, Molly, and our mystery voter, visit our community voting app and check out more of our community approved goods.


Zip Tied!

August 17, 2011

Jackie said: “Great idea..I think it is a very fair price for such a unique ring!”

This solid sterling silver ring is sure to get a few second looks! Modeled after a real plastic zip tie, this unique ring makes a better fashion accessory than the ties you use to cinch up your loose cords. Would you love to see this ring zip into our lineup? Then give it a thumbs up in our voting app!

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